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Jul 17, 2012

Gronk’s Porn Star Bibi Jones Quits Porn Industry In Dramatic Facebook Video!

It happened at 6:47 a.m. EST. Gronk's porn star buddy, Bibi Jones, made famous via last fall's bye week photo, hit publish on a Facebook video that's going to send shock waves through the sports/porn industry. Jones, teary in a nearly 6:00 video, explains how it's time to get out of porn and start a new stage of her life. Just 20, Bibi has changed her Twitter & Facebook accounts back to her real name, Britney Maclin. JUMP!

Jan 9, 2012

Porn Star Bibi Jones Doesn’t Like Tebow’s Virginity [PHOTOS]

You know what's fun about the 2012 NFL playoffs? A porn star who might or might not have had sex with the New England Patriots tight end and also hates Tim Tebow's virginity. These are the soap operas that bloggers such as Busted Coverage live for on a weekly basis. Bibi Jones is back this week and she dropped a bomb on Tebow fans last night. "There is something I just don't like about tebow...Ugh he is so annoying," she writes. Porn vs. God. We're in. JUMP!

Dec 17, 2011

Gronkowski’s Porn Star Bibi Jones Hitting On Dan Patrick [PHOTOS]

Remember the porn slut who was hanging with Rob Gronkowski back in October? That would be Bibi Jones and she's back with some interesting news. She's now hitting on NBC, SI & @dpshow host Dan Patrick. There has even been one helluva offer thrown on the table from Ms. Jones. Sex. Dan might be 55-years-old but there is something that Bibi is turned on by. The snarkiness? The silver fox hair? A guy who can talk sports into her ear during shower sex? JUMP!

Dec 12, 2011

Wait Until Brittney Palmer Finds Out She’s Hitting On Married Blogger [TWEETS]

Our Monday morning ritual ever since @xxxBiBiJones burst onto the scene is to scroll through her tweets to see if she dropped any NSFW POV Morning Twitpic candidates. Imagine our surprise today when we saw that Bibi is retweeting our shit. Remember that 75 Women Who Wowed post last week? Yeah, it went nuts and landed us a RT. This means she wants to have sex, right? Oh, and out of nowhere, Brittney Palmer checked in Sat. before UFC 140. JUMP!

Oct 27, 2011

Did Porn Star Bibi Jones & MLB Agent Terry Bross Break MLBPA Regulation?

The story of porn star Bibi Jones & Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski in a pic took another strange twist overnight. It was just 24 hours ago that we traded emails with Business Insider reporter Tony Manfred over what agent was kinda pimping out Bibi Jones to recruit MLB clients. We threw out the name Terry Bross, who just happened to be Dan Uggla's agent. Jones says she had sex with Uggla. Well, we now know Bross was the guy using porn arm candy. JUMP!

Oct 25, 2011

Porn Star Bibi Jones Pimped Out By MLB Agent To Players? [PHOTOS]

Now infamous 20-year-old porn star Bibi Jones (@XXXBiBiJones) made even more news this afternoon, according to Business Insider. Reporter Tony Manfred caught up with the slutty provocateur for an interview on comments made Monday to a Boston radio station in which Bibi claimed a baseball agent would hook her up with baseball players after Diamondbacks games. Nothing wrong with that, right? Um, did that agent use the porntress to land clients.JUMP!

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Oct 24, 2011

Rob Gronkowski’s Porn Star Bibi Jones Had Sex With Dan Uggla? [PHOTOS]

The big pageview story of the weekend was the revelation that Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski was hanging out with Digital Playground porn star Bibi Jones while on his bye week. Today we find out, via Boston radio, that Rob and six friends of Bibi's were hanging out the other night watching Bibi do work in some porn. Yes, we just said that Rob, six dudes and the porn star were watching one of her porns. She says nothing happened, but wants something to happen. JUMP!