Bernie Kosar Daughter

Aug 24, 2011

Bernie Kosar’s Porn Daughter Lexxi Silver Returns To Silver Screen [i-Team]

The hits just keep coming for former Browns gunslinger Bernie Kosar. His U seems headed for serious NCAA sanctions, he's still selling Longaberger baskets and his daughter has returned to the porn game with a new release. Of course you remember Lexxi Silver and her cinematic debut at a yoga studio. Bernie's worst nightmare has to be that his daughter seems to be paying her bills via $%^ fests. Daddy isn't exactly flipping $100s at his kids. Lexxi's return - JUMP!

Jul 27, 2011

BC Now Being Offered Bernie Kosar Daughter’s Alleged Porn Site URL

Looks like our post on Bernie Kosar's nipple-sticker-wearing daughter, Sara, has finally made its way to the Internet's underbelly where shady characters try to shake us down for Ms. Kosar's porn site URL. To be honest, if the schiester wouldn't have contacted us we would have let the whole Sara Kosar and nipple sticker post fade off into infamy. Not now. We think one of you will give it up for FREE just because. PICS, EMAIL, JUMP!

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Jul 12, 2011

Sara Kosar Is Bernie Kosar’s Nipple Sticker Wearing Daughter [12 Photos]

Just a couple hours ago there was a posting on Deadspin where A.J. Daulerio dove into his email inbox to address a scumbag trying to get money to reveal a story alleging that one of Bernie Kosar's daughters is doing/did/done porn. Well, Internet, you know what comes after one of those allegations. An investigation. Busted Coverage editors jumped into the fray, first figuring out the Kosar family tree and then pinpointing one daughter that just happened to have a nipple sticker photo on her Facebook. More - JUMP!