Barry Bonds Cycling

Oct 17, 2012

Barry Bonds Buys $18,000 McLaren Venge S-Works Bike With Custom Paint Job

It appears Bonds has gone even deeper into the cycling game. According to reports on Twitter, Bonds is now rolling...

Sep 6, 2012

The Skinny Barry Bonds Summer Of Hiking & Biking [PHOTOS]

Barry Bonds has to be one of the strangest retired black baseball players in MLB history. The guy made $188 million over his baseball career, battled through courts and now unwinds by cycling through Colorado and hiking mountains. That's totally the craziest rich black guy retirement plan we've ever heard of. Name another retired black MLB player going shirtless on Colorado backcountry hikes. You can't. Face it, Skinny Barry Bonds is a lean beast. JUMP!

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Jul 24, 2012

Heads Up, Colorado, Skinny Barry Bonds Is Cycling Your Mountains This Summer

Remember in late May when I told you someone on eBay was selling a very expensive bike that belonged to Barry Bonds? Yeah, that was the same post where I told you Bonds is becoming something of a bicycling freak. Now comes word that Bonds over the weekend was bicycling around Aspen. How much does he weigh now? The guy in the neon green shirt is 6-5, 185. Bonds was said to be 6-2, 228 in 2007. JUMP!

May 31, 2012

You Can Buy Barry Bonds Ridiculous Bicycle For $8,800 On eBay

Seriously, Barry Bonds is into cycling. How "into" cycling? Like willing to drop approximately $16,000 on this Pinarello bike that's not your ordinary 10-speed that you used during college. Long story short, these Italian bikes are pretty much the best bike you can throw money at. Bonds made $188,000,000 in his career so of course the bro picked out the best. Now, you bike dorks can actually by Barry's ride on eBay. How legit is this bike? JUMP!