Andy Dalton Wife

Jan 6, 2012

WAGs Of The 2012 NFL Playoffs [PHOTOS]

Face it, if you don't have a team in the fight during the 2012 NFL Playoffs there are a couple of factors that make you watch: the love of football, gambling, it's winter and the fantasy that one day you'll have an NFL caliber WAG sitting on the couch with you watching Broncos-Steelers. What a crop of ladies we have this year. Eric Decker brings in Jessie James. Matthew Stafford has girlfriend Kelly Hall. Wes Welker has a Hooters Miss International GF. Helluva strong class of WAGs kick off the only season that matters tomorrow at 4:30 when the Bengals face the Texans. The journey to Indy is on. JUMP!

Jan 5, 2012

Meanwhile…Andy Dalton Is Married, Has A Dog & Totally Loves God, Too

For those of us who grew up a fan of the Cincinnati Bengals, life was tough. You try moving away after college, walking into a Pennsylvania bar and asking the gruff guy serving drafts if he could switch a TV to the Bengals game. "Bengals fan?," a dirty local interjected in amazement. "I've never met a Bengals fan in real life," he continued. That was like 2002. They won twice that year. So imagine how it feels to have Andy Dalton right now. The guy is married & has a cute dog. JUMP!

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Jul 28, 2011

Bengals’ QB Andy Dalton’s Engagement Photos Are Just Too Damn Cute

Somehow we came across news today that Bengals' QB Andy Dalton got married July 9 without a single sports blog publicizing his wedding registry. By the way, any other QBs out there get hitched this summer that we missed? Flacco, Roethlisberger, Romo, Dalton. At this point, Colt McCoy has the length of marriage lead in the AFC North. Must admit, this Dalton kid is just too damn cute. The wife - Jordan Jones - ain't too bad either. JUMP!