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Oct 1, 2012

Adriana Lima Is Back In The NBA! [PHOTOS]

Its been three long years since Marko Jaric has been on an NBA roster, but the wait is finally over...for now. ESPN has announced that the Bulls signed Jaric to their training camp roster, giving the 33-year-old another shot at the NBA. Why would we care about a random scrub like Jaric? Don't let those three years Jaric spent in Europe fudge your memory...he's the lucky S.O.B. who's married to Adriana Lima! JUMP!

Oct 11, 2011

Adriana Lima Is Now Supporting Scrub Husband Marko Jaric? [PHOTOS]

A few tweets over the last 24 hours included some interesting tidbits from the Euro basketball league. It has come to our attention that Marko Jaric doesn't have a roster spot. Basketball guru @rafael_uehara writes, "European season officialy underway and haven't seen Igor Rakocevic, Marko Jaric or Bostjan Nachbar in a squad." Um, what? That 32 yr old scrub can't even find a team in Turkey? This means Adriana is now a WAG Breadwinner! JUMP!

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Jul 29, 2010

Photos: 14 Adriana Lima Trance Dance In A Bikini Poses Via Victoria’s Secret Beach Shoot

We look at hundreds and hundreds of photos each day and most of them are of, you guessed it, women...