2012 GameDay Signs

Oct 20, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: South Carolina Vs. Florida

Today will be the 35th time Florida has appeared on College GameDay and the 12th time the school has hosted. The Gators are 7-4 in home GameDay appearances. One more fact for you junkies – this is the first time...

Oct 6, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: South Carolina Vs. Georgia [PHOTOS]

ESPN’s College GameDay is headed to Columbia, South Carolina today for a battle in SEC East dominance between the South Carolina Gamecocks and the Georgia Dawgs that will take place at Williams-Brice Stadium. Both teams come in with flawless records...

Sep 29, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Ohio State Vs. Michigan State [PHOTOS]

Michigan State's record when GameDay comes to East Lansing: 2-3. You might remember GameDay's visit last year when MSU got a Hail Mary at the end of the game to win, 37-31. Of course this was a sympathy week for the Big Ten. What other games did ESPN have to choose from? Baylor at West Virginia? That game is on FX. This could be the worst week of college football in the last five years. Plan your day accordingly. Signs - JUMP!

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Clemson Vs. Florida State [PHOTOS]

The last time ESPN GameDay stopped in Tallahassee was around this time last year when Oklahoma hurt E.J. Manuel and the Sooners won, 23-13. We were outside The Doak for last year's show and had never seen people drinking from kegs at a GameDay stop. Of the 7 career GameDay stops we've made, Florida State is the biggest booze-fest you'll find. People trashed at 9:30 a.m. We expect nothing less than that today. JUMP!

Sep 22, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida Vs. Tennessee [PHOTOS]

How long has it been since ESPN GameDay has been to the University of Tennessee? Oh, just 8 years. The last visit was a 2004 game when Auburn whooped the Vols 30-10. Worse yet, Tennessee hasn't won a GameDay featured matchup since 2001 (beat Florida 34-32). The Vols are 2-5 at home when GameDay visits. Shall we stop? Florida is 5-1 against UT on GameDay. You get the point. If you see a sign, screencap it and tweet at us ‏@bustedcoverage. JUMP!

Sep 15, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Florida Vs. Texas A&M [PHOTOS]

How long has it been since ESPN GameDay has visited Texas A&M for a show? A long, long time. Of course the locals are fired up to show off their homemade signs to Samantha Steele, Herbie, Desmond, etc. Of course these students are out of their minds with this first SEC game. Of course the national spotlight on A&M is another shot at Texas. Folks, if A&M doesn't deliver an award-winning sign day, it'll be a travesty. JUMP!

Sep 8, 2012

Sep 1, 2012

2012 ESPN GameDay Signs: Alabama Vs. Michigan

GameDay is back. GameDay signs are back. GameDay signs are back. If there's one thing we know about GameDay's first stop of the season over the last five years or so, you're not going to see award-winning signs at a neutral site. The only benefit of having GameDay in Dallas is that it's close enough for Bama fans to make the trip via a truck packed with the kids and Roll Tide flags. Have a sign we missed? Send it in: [email protected]