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Aug 14, 2016

Lithuanian Weightlifter Celebrates His Bronze Medal With A Sweet Backflip

It’s always cool to see people celebrate when they win a medal in the Olympics. All that training and hard...

Aug 14, 2016

Ryan Lochte’s Taxi Was Reportedly Robbed At Gun Point In Rio

This story has been fluid all morning with different reports coming out and people denying things, but it looks like...

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Aug 14, 2016

A Bachelorette Party Invaded BBC Four’s Live Olympic Coverage Last Night

When you’re on live television trying to do a show recapping the day’s Olympic events, I can honestly say the...

Aug 13, 2016

British Sprinter Told A Reporter He “Ran Like A Dick” After His 400M Heat

We’re a week into the Olympics and finally the track & field events are underway. In my opinion these are...

Aug 11, 2016

’16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Soccer Players

We're close to the knockout stage.

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Aug 9, 2016

Robel Kiros Habte – My Favorite Swimmer At Rio Olympics

I'd probably die swimming down and back.

Aug 9, 2016

’16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Basketball Players

Get to know them before they go home after Team USA beats 'em.

Aug 9, 2016

’16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Beach Volleyball Players

I know you've been watching. Ratings are through the roof.

Aug 8, 2016

Jenna Bush Rubs Coconut Oil On Tonga Flag Bearer During Today Show Segment

This guy's going to get a reality show. Just watch.

Aug 8, 2016

Hottest Female Swimmers At Rio Olympics 2016

Get to know them before NBC tape delays them.

Aug 7, 2016

Swimmer Lilly King Calls Out Yulia Efimova For Doping At Olympics

Lilly King just dropped the hammer on Russian swimmer Yulia Efimova for failing drug tests but still getting to race...

Aug 7, 2016

’16 Rio Olympics: Hottest Female Field Hockey Players

Gonna be some breakout stars from this list.