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Dec 2, 2011

Best Of OU Superfan Ashley Ferrara For Big 12 Championship [47 Photos]

WE KNOW! There's no Big 12 Championship game this year because there aren't two divisions. But let's all just play along and call Saturday's OU-Okie State Bedlam game the championship. The winner goes to Glendale for the Fiesta Bowl. As a gift to you guys, we're bringing back OU law student @AshleyFerrara and her insane mirror shots from October. She's an all-time BC favorite because she's so sweet and makes the Internet so damn fun. JUMP!

Nov 24, 2011

Warren Moon Superfan Ashley Ferrara Has Birthday Gift For HOFer [PHOTOS]

You might remember Ashley Ferrara from earlier this football season when she was kind enough to turn in what is now considered amongst Internet observers as the greatest Oklahoma Sooners superfan photoshoot ever. She went from a relative unknown on Twitter with under 1,500 followers to a following just shy of 3,500 today. Last week we were chatting about football with Ashley & learned an interesting fact - she's a huge fan of Warren Moon. JUMP!

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Nov 4, 2011

Velvet Sky Is A Tom Brady Superfan In Soccer Cleats! [PHOTOS]

Never heard of Velvet Sky? Same here, but we're always down for some 'Superfan' coming out of the woodwork on a Friday afternoon while most of America counts down the hours until the BCS Championship. Velvet is some sort of TNA (Wrestling) Knockout and decided doing a shoot with those giant implants in a Tom Brady jersey would be cool for the fans. Just some advice: cut off the sleeves & much more cleav. Otherwise, good to go. JUMP!

Nov 2, 2011

Sophia Beretta Is LSU’s Hottest Superfan [PHOTOS]

As is usual with Busted Coverage's football coverage, we worked our way through the hottest chicks on the LSU campus, found Sophia Beretta and talked her into taking some mirror shots. While other sites are boring you with Xs and Os, BC is pounding the pavement for our loyal following. Of course you might know of Sophia from her NSFW photos in the November, Girls of the SEC Playboy issue. But Uncle BC has Ms. Beretta in her Tiger thong. JUMP!

Oct 26, 2011

Jimena Sanchez: Raiders Superfan & Fox Sports Sideline Mamacita [PHOTOS]

Why do we love Fox Sports Mexico or whatever they're calling it these days? Because that channel is like watching SFW porn and we don't even have to pay extra for it in the BC office AT&T cable plan. Mamacitas like Jimena Sanchez just appear out of thin air. And they LOVE sports. Take Sanchez. She's a huge Oakland Raiders, New York Yankees, Lakers and Babe Ruth fan. Seriously. She has a Ruth poster hanging in her home. Our new Mexican secret crush - JUMP!

Oct 21, 2011

Fitness Model Tiffany Oertel Is Boise State’s Hottest Superfan [32 PHOTOS]

After the huge success of Oklahoma Sooners superfan (and law student) Ashley Ferrara, we decided it was time to start efforting other models with BCS affiliations who'd go Scar-Jo for you guys. Ashley recommended her friend Tiffany Oertel, an Orange County, California fitness model. One thing led to another and we learned Tiffany had a Boise State shirt in the closet perfectly shredded for a Busted Coverage photoshoot. Once again, Uncle BC coming through. JUMP!

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Oct 21, 2011

Arizona Superfan Jacen Lankow Is Referee Streaker [PHOTO & VIDEO]

Yeah, we went back-to-back Arizona referee streaker stories. Don't like it? Don't come back. Get your own site or go read or some other 'cool' site. Anyway, it took all of five minutes of asking around on Twitter before finding out that Jacen Lankow was the streaker during last night's Arizona-UCLA game (thanks to @WorldofIsaac). And of course he had a team recording the streak. And he's on Twitter. A Speedo for the ladies - JUMP!

Ashley Ferrara Is Hottest Oklahoma Superfan/Student – EVER! [PHOTOS]

Before we go any further, please realize that Ashley Ferrara is an Oklahoma University law student. Like, the real deal. Buys books. Walks amongst the football players. She's not just some random bikini model living in Tampa who says she roots for the Sooners. Ashley has a vested interest. And then realize that she agreed to shoot, exclusive to Busted Coverage, some Scar-Jo mirror pics for this week's Red River Rivalry. Boomer Sooner, indeed! JUMP!

Oct 6, 2011

Kerry Garvin Wants To Be Rays’ Hottest Playoffs Superfan [20 PHOTOS]

How do we know Busted Coverage has a special power over hot women these days? 1. They'll actually email us. 2. They think we're witty, funny & have a great sense of humor. 3. They'll actually shoot exclusive photos of themselves wearing their favorite team's jersey. That's like an Internet trifecta for a sports blogger. That's how we met model/actress Kerry Garvin. She looked us up and kinda wanted to give the Rays some inspiration during the playoff run. JUMP!

Oct 3, 2011

Heathero14 Wins NFL Hottest NFL Fan Patriots Vs. Cowboys Title [50 PHOTOS]

It wasn't very close in our very first NFL Hottest Fan Photo-Off between @Heathero14 and @HemiGirl. 75% of the vote went to Heather, who went with a pool/wet Romo jersey photoshoot to get the victory. Meanwhile, Hemi was a gracious loser, pretty much knowing she was in trouble after Heather unleashed a see-through gallery that had her 19,000 Twitter followers in a frenzy. To the victor goes the spoils. That would be a 50 photo gallery of Heather's best work. JUMP!

Sep 27, 2011

Jul 5, 2011

Rangers Superfan & WAG Amber Hartman Dumps Phillies Pitcher Via Twitter

Amber Leigh Hartman gained a small amount of fame during the Texas Rangers' run to the World Series last year after being spotted multiple times in her season ticket seats behind home plate at The Ballpark. Our cohorts at Coed were dropping 100 photo dumps and "Hottest of" lists were being adjusted accordingly. Then Amber jumped back into the spotlight this week after dumping her Phillies minor league boyfriend via Twitter. More - JUMP!

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Jun 17, 2011

NFL Lockout Time Waster: Packers Superfan Ashlynn Brooke [32 Photos]

We're about 6 weeks out from the start of NFL training camps and still don't have a labor deal. At this point we're running out of lockout stories and stupid updates on Tim Tebow so let's mix it up today. Burnt Toast Editor Peter Burns suggested we spend some time chatting on Twitter with former porn star Ashlynn Brooke about the Packers and football in general. Great idea! Take the time today to fire off a question to this Oklahoma Sooners & Green Bay fan. A chick talking football to you should ease the pain of this stupid lockout.

Jan 4, 2010

New York Giants Sexy Superfans

Three teams in the 2012 playoffs are without official cheerleaders: the Giants, Packers and Lions. Old school. Giants’ fans like...

Jan 6, 2009

America’s Hottest College Freshman Cassie Keller Is Back With New Sexy Photos To Peruse

  You guys still need proof that Cassie Keller is America’s hottest college freshman, so it’s Busted Coverage’s duty to...