Lingerie Football League

Jul 28, 2014

Lingerie QB Scores Touchdown, Drinks Beer

    [youtube]   And the Lingerie Football League does it again. Ever seen a lingerie chick score a touchdown and then drink a beer? Now you have. That’s Chicago Bliss QB Heather Furr scoring a touchdown during an...

Jun 30, 2014

Former Redskins Great Gary Clark Loses His Mind Over Lingerie Football Call

    [youtube]   That’s former Washington Redskins great Gary Clark. Yep, the Gary Clark who is a two-time Super Bowl winner. He’s now the head coach of the Baltimore Charm in the Lingerie Football League. “She broke the...

HOOO-LY SHIT … This Is Easily The Best Lingerie Football Locker Room Speech Ever

    [youtube]   The Lingerie Football League has done it again. Just when I thought the league had peaked with locker room halftime speech videos, Seattle Mist head coach Chris Michaelson turns in an Oscar-worthy performance during this...

Jun 25, 2014