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Jul 18, 2011

New Orleans Bank Robber Goes With S.F. Giants Cap Disguise [Cuff ‘Em]

You guys keep demanding more and more Baseball Cap Bank Robbers so here we go again, this time in New Orleans. If you are keeping track at home, please mark a notch for the San Francisco Giants in the bank robbery division. This fool ain't playin' and needs some cash for the weekend. See what police know and Busted Coverage investigators have uncovered. Help bust this case wide open - JUMP!

Jul 15, 2011

Know This L.A. Dodgers Hat-Wearing Maryland Bank Robber? [Cuff ‘Em]

It's a new series we're developing for Cuff 'Em where we'll take a look at the baseball cap of choice for bank robbers. Yesterday we got things started with Cleveland Indians guy. Today our investigators head to Edgewater, Maryland where this Dodgers fan decided he wanted to make an illegal withdrawal from a M&T Bank. But this isn't the normal cap & sunglasses heist. Yep, that's hosiery over his face. Help us get a reward - story details & BC tip hotline...JUMP!

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Jul 14, 2011

Dumbest Cleveland Indians Bank Robber Of 2011 Candidate [Cuff ‘Em]

Columbus, Ohio police are on the lookout for a black guy who has sunglasses, a cellphone, tie, nice dress shirt and a Chief Wahoo Cleveland Indians hat with the New Era sticker on the bill. In one of the dumbest moments in Cleveland Indians bank robber history, this guy made a fool out of himself Tuesday morning. No gun, no weapon of any sort and the wrong kind of ice in his veins. Nothing like getting in a bank robbery during the all-star break. JUMP!

Jul 12, 2011

WVU Linebacker Branko Busick Popped For Armed Robbery [Cuff ‘Em]

Of course we were getting tired of the NFL players being arrested for DUI & disorderly conduct. Give us a college scholarship athlete going armed robbery any day of the week and it's instant Cuff 'Em material. Enter West Virginia linebacker Branko Busick, who is not having a very good summer. He was arrested this week after allegedly holding a gun to a guy and demanding money. Details - JUMP!

Jul 11, 2011

Florida Drunk Hits Woman In Casey Anthony Verdict Fight [Cuff ‘Em]

In 7 days Casey Anthony will be a free woman. Free to live it up any way she would like. Free to start dating again. And fellow Floridian Robert Aydin Hakimoglu will be waiting for her with open arms. You see, Big Rob is a huge fan. How big of a fan? He's willing to hit a woman during an argument over the verdict, then jump into a alligator-infested river to evade cops and swim all the way home. Wait until you see what Rob would like to do with Casey. JUMP!

Jul 9, 2011

Hines Ward DUI Arrest Mug Shot [Cuff ‘Em]

Media reports out of Georgia this morning: According to the DeKalb County Jail’s website, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward has been arrested for DUI.There is very little information known at this time about the circumstances surrounding his arrest, but Ward was booked into the jail at about 3:45 a.m. Saturday and charged with misdemeanor DUI. Ironically, yesterday Hines was on Facebook talking about tweeting and driving - JUMP!

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Jul 8, 2011

MMA Cop Sam “Big Chocolate” McCoy Downloading BBW Porn [Discipline ‘Em]

Mixing it up a little bit here this morning with a Discipline 'Em instead of the always sad Cuff 'Ems. Let's all give it up to Sam "Big Chocolate" McCoy, a Florida cop and MMA fighter who will be getting a couple weeks off from his job for downloading some porn. McCoy, who just weeks ago was trying out for Bellator, is said to have downloaded such titles as "Adult Obese Dating Thong Big Boobs" on his police laptop. Of course Sam had an excuse - JUMP!

High School Football Coach Kills Man With One Punch In Vegas Casino

If you learn nothing else today, note these two things. 1. Don't mess with high school football coach Benjamin Hawkins. 2. Don't be a racist prick. Hawkins killed a man with one punch for making a racist remark this week at dirtbag Vegas casino O'Sheas where $1 beers and sweaty hookers are the norm. Details - JUMP!

Jul 7, 2011

That Smiling Ogre Georgia Fan Beat Up Mentally Disabled Publix Worker [Cuff ‘Em]

There are scumbags in this world and then there is Georgia Bulldogs' fan Ryan Keys. You see, he walks into grocery stores and has no problem attacking a mentally disabled worker who complimented his Dogs t-shirt. The SEC is the best football conference in the land. It also contains more assholes per square capita than any football conference in the land. Remember LSU fan who made a noose for his black co-worker (a Georgia fan)? Bastards are sick. Need proof?

Jul 7, 2011

5 Onion-esque Screencaps Of Lorenzo Neal’s Fresno DUI Arrest [Cuff ‘Em]

This will go down as the greatest Cuff 'em television news reports we've ever seen. Ever. No contest. Last night in Fresno, California the local ABC affiliate led its newscast with news of Lorenzo Neal's July 4th DUI bust. The population of Fresno, according to Wikipedia, is 500,000+. Yes, we'd assume there would be bigger fish to fry. But...ABC went balls to the walls and created this piece of journalism history. It's 2:25 of chewy goodness & a Pirates cap! JUMP!

Jul 6, 2011

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Jul 5, 2011

Ohio Breast Milk Machine Gunner Fired From Teaching Job [Cuff ‘Em]

You had to figure the story of Stephanie Robinette blasting cops with her breast milk would not end well for the Columbus, Ohio educator. She had been a second and third grade teacher until getting loaded at a wedding reception, exposing a breast and going John Rambo on the fuzz. As we told you it would, the story flew around the world at warp speed. It seems her employer wasn't impressed and decided it was time to part ways. Details - JUMP!

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Jul 4, 2011

Glazed Donuts Help Bust Florida Dunkin’ Donuts Robber Michael Ray [Cuff ‘Em]

If you're new to Busted Coverage Cuff 'Em, there is a lesson we've long tried to get across to donut shop armed robbers. When the lady you're robbing puts two glazed donuts in the bag with the cash you wanted, ditch the donuts. Meet Florida Dunkin' Donuts robber Michael Ray. He's a burnout who needs some cash. It's early in the morning and where else to rob? Hit the donut shop. But it's Michael's stupidity that ends up getting the best of him. JUMP!

Jul 1, 2011

Former Tenn. Vols Center Popped For 3rd Time In 2 Years [Cuff ‘Em]

Normally we'd cruise right over the story of a former Tennessee Volunteers' scrub who's had some run-ins with the law. But, damn, look at that sick comb-over, South of the Mason-Dixon Line haircut. Sick, bro. Cameron Mayo is 25 and pretty much taking his life down a dangerous road where he'll miss a couple seasons of Vols' football while sitting in a jail. That guy is such a punk, he'd even steal a fridge from a storm victim. Full details - JUMP!

Jun 30, 2011

Cops: Former Dolphins DT Daryl Gardener Head-Butts Girlfriend [Cuff ‘Em]

Can't say we'd heard from former NFL DT Daryl Gardener for quite some time. The guy hasn't played a down in the since 2003, but he gets back into the news this morning after University of Central Florida police busted him on head butting his girlfriend charges. Ah, but it was Gardener who called the fuzz to allege she attacked him with a tire iron. The GF has visible injuries so Daryl took his banana boat to jail. This relationship should be about over.

Jun 29, 2011

Larry Adamczyk’s Porky’s Day At The Gym: Grab Ass & Flops It Out [Cuff ‘Em]

What exactly goes through ones head to go to the local gym and figure Monday is a perfect day to expose his junk and play grab ass with other dudes? Meet Larry Adamczyk. He's in some trouble for doing exactly that at an Illinois fitness center where he left a path of straight men disturbed and violated, the local fuzz alleges. We've already tracked down the guy's Facebook account and he doesn't hide his bi-sexuality. Must have been one of those days - GET SOME - JUMP!

Jun 28, 2011

Rehoboth Beach Legend Nick Pappas & Fart Machine Busted [Cuff ‘Em]

As we mentioned a few days back, weird things happen on the beaches of this nation when the temps hit 85 and the nutjobs try to escape the lack of air conditioning. Take the case of the ultimate Rehoboth Beach (Delaware) 81-year-old Nick Pappas. He's known as the "Old Fart" and loves fart jokes and to use his fart machine on unsuspecting tourists. The problem for Nick came late last week when he decided to use the fart machine on life guards. Not good, Nick. JUMP!

Jun 27, 2011

Drunk OH Woman Sprays Cops W/ Breast Milk At Wedding Reception [Cuff ‘Em]

Congratulations, Central Ohio. One of your own is about to blow up on the Internet today as message boarders and The Daily Mail catch wind of Stephanie Robinette and the wedding reception debauchery she exhibited Saturday morning in Delaware, Ohio. Nothing gets the Internet talking like a 30-year-old blond mother who sprays cops with breast milk. Full details of Steph got cuffed and who turned her in - JUMP TIME!

Jun 24, 2011

N.Y. Islanders Fan Kills 4 In Phamacy Pain Pill Heist, Fuzz Alleges [Cuff ‘Em]

The guy you see with the black eyes and cuts all over his face is David Laffer. The woman is his wife, a pain pill addict who needed a fix, police allege, when her husband went into a Long Island pharmacy this week and came out having killed four people in a violent rage. The sports angle to this story? These lovebirds got engaged at a New York Islanders game! Full story and a photo of these two at an Islanders game - JUMP!

Jun 23, 2011

Cheerleading Coach Heather Jackson Wants Student To Tap It? [Cuff ‘Em]

Raise a pint to the teachers/ladies in Texas who keep making Google News "teacher arrested" searches a must-read on a weekly basis. It seems like the past month has been dominated by Texas teachers wanting to get into the pants of their students. Today we meet assistant cheerleading coach and teacher Heather Jackson. It seems Jacks wanted a 16-year-old boy so bad she sat him in the front row where she could give him a show. The steamy, can't miss details - JUMP!

Jun 22, 2011

Erica Huerta Arrested For Sex On The Beach Was Charlie Crist Intern [Photos]

Erica Huerta has had a stellar 21st year of her life. This week she was arrested for a beach sex session that lasted an hour with that mohawked bro, Steven Perry. In August 2010, just days after her 21st birthday, Erica was popped in Tampa for DUI. But it's her latest escapade that is making headlines - even the Daily Mail is sniffing it - because of her show outside Caddy's on the Treasure Coast. Full details of this Cuff 'Em - JUMP!

Jun 21, 2011

N.H. Bro Busted For Dropping Deuce In Pool [Cuff ‘Em]

'Tis the season for Busted Coverage to move into the summer time activity arrest report realm. Football players are slowing down as training camp (allegedly) approaches. It's time that we expand our Google News searches into the pool scene where there's always an interesting character. Today we meet Jonathan Vertigans of Manchester, New Hampshire. He's 27 and decided to go for a swim and drop a deuce is a pool. Why? No idea, just a good arrest story. JUMP!

Jun 18, 2011

The Raging CanAsian Jason Li Arrested For Vancouver Riot? [Cuff ‘Em]

Word amongst the websites tracking all things Vancouver riots is that The Raging CanAsian, Jason Li, has been arrested (and then released) for his part as the face of moronic dog-tag wearing idiocy. Vancouver news outlets, not really focused on a trendy glasses CanAsian, haven't officially reported that Li was arrested but plenty of sites seem to know about this high school student who actually bragged about rioting on his Facebook. Take a look - JUMP!

Jun 17, 2011

Raheem Brock Arrested Over Unpaid $27 Tab [Cuff ‘Em]

Not buying this one. Seahawks DE Raheem Brock was arrested last night after dining-and-dashing on a $27 tab at a Philly South Street establishment, reports local media. Philadelphia Magazine is on the case and reports that police busted Brock, who played college ball at Temple, for walking off without paying for time spent at Copacabana pub. The chick arrested along with Brock tweeted at 6 a.m. this morning "I HAVE HAD THE WORST DAY/NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!!!!!"

Jun 16, 2011

This Canucks Bro Knocked The $%#@ Out & Bros Being Popped [Cuff ‘Em]

Must hand it to Vancouver Canucks hooligans, they sure know how to put their city on the world map with an old fashioned riot. Great job, people. You sure busted up that downtown Sears. But one specific idiot stood out to us. Pants on the Ground guy. If you lose your pants to a Vancouver cop and make the national news, you're a riot bro. And what about those guys jumping off Port-O-Crappers like WWE top ropes. Brought tears to our eyes. Go ahead, idiots, destroy your country. JUMP!

Jun 15, 2011

Jordan Jersey & Black Eye Lands Punk On Maricopa Mugs Of The Day [Cuff ‘Em]

Product placement! Gabriel Apodaca is in a little trouble out in Arizona for assault and disorderly conduct (fighting). Details are sketchy, but we do know that Gabs was booked this week for three charges and just happened to be wearing his Jordan jersey. As a bonus, you get the closed blackened eye. For his effort, Mr. Apodaca has landed on the Marciopa County Mug Shots of the Day, just 39 votes out of first place. Full shot of that eye - JUMP!

Jun 14, 2011

Old Texas Coot Popped After NBA Finals For Sports Gambling Ring! [Cuff ‘Em]

The fine folks of San Antonio are much safer this morning after some 67-year-old baldy with an Italian name was cuffed for running a sports gambling ring. Federico Felan was a bookie. A big-time bookie. How big? Dude had $200,000 in cash from Sunday's NBA Finals Game 5. $140,000 was stashed in his daughter-in-law's trunk. Local authorities wanted to bust this guy at the peak of his career so they went after him yesterday post-Finals Mavs victory. DETAILS! JUMP!

Jun 13, 2011

Thug Impersonates Detroit Lions DB, Runs Up $2,600 Tab [Cuff ‘Em]

Word to all you thugs who think impersonating an NFL player to run up bar tabs is a good idea - pick your impersonations wisely. Urban gossip hounds Bossip had a story yesterday of this moron Sandro Duval who has this thing were he walks into bars impersonating a member of the Detroit Lions who doesn't have a giant tat on his throat. C'mon, brother, you gotta do better than this. FULL DETAILS of the $2,600 bar tab and how Duval tried to work his way out of paying - JUMP!

Jun 12, 2011

Nate Robinson Takes Leak In Public; Arrested [Cuff ‘Em]

Nate Robinson's bladder is in the news this weekend after a case of public urination early Friday morning. Yes, it's friggin slow right now in the Cuff 'Em department. After a crazy April and May for NFLers getting busted for a variety of reasons, we are now regulated to Nate Robinson taking a leak on a Barnes and Nobles in White Plains, NY. Full details - JUMP!

Jun 10, 2011

Bigger Surprise: This Guy Is College Math Prof. Or That He Was Up-Skirting [Cuff ‘Em]

Yeah, another slow sports arrest day so we move into the world of college mathematicians who look like they should be bouncing at some biker bar in Rockford, Illinois. Meet Jon Hatch. Dude is probably off the charts smart and is highly likely to not be getting the ladies into the sack. So...time to resort to up-skirting the ladies. Big Jon will be in court today over a little issue he had with photos on a USB drive. Full details - JUMP!

Jun 9, 2011

Brenda Becketts Wins Best Hair Mugshot You’ll See All Day Award [Cuff ‘Em]

It's a slow day in the arrest department. True, there's news two weeks old about Mark Grace getting popped for DUI. Other than that it's a pretty blank slate. So let's mix it up a bit and have a look at DUI offender Brenda Becketts out of Maricopa, Arizona where she's currently in 3rd place for Mugshot of the Day on Sheriff Joe's leaderboard. Vitals: 5-4, 115 and 50 years young. Here's to you, Brenda, for earning our Best Hair Mugshot You'll See All Day Award. It's a huge honor. Trust us.

Jun 8, 2011

Dummy Hanging From Building Stumps Lowell, Mass. Cops [Cuff ‘Em]

True, on the surface this isn't a sports story, but when's the last time you saw two cops being stumped by a six-foot dummy hanging out the third story window of an apartment building in Lowell, Massachusetts? It's summer, the temps are in the 90s and the Bruins are still playing hockey on June 8. In other words, these nutcases are drinking heavily and coming up with crazy ways to act out. YOU HAVE TO SEE these cops manhandling this dummy - VIDEO - Jump!

Jun 7, 2011

Former 1st Rounder Dewon Brazelton Busted Up His Fiancee [Cuff ‘Em]

Normally a story about former Rays #1 draft pick Dewon Brazelton being arrested for busting up his fiancee and going to jail on domestic violence charges wouldn't be worthy enough of Cuff 'Em. But, it just happens to be MLB Draft Week. This should serve as a lesson to all you draftees who think you'll be rich, nice to your baby mamma and an upstanding citizen. Details of Dewon's punchiness - JUMP!

Jun 6, 2011

This Brother Stabbed, Killed His Buddy During NBA Finals [Cuff ‘Em]

It's amazing how as the years go by with this blog there is never a shortage of crazy arrest stories during major sporting events. Take the case of Donald Jones (above). He stopped at a homeboy's house to catch Game One last week and ended up behind bars for killing said homeboy. This totally one-ups the Tenn. guy we told you about on Friday who left his girls at home to go drinking during Game One. Full details of the knife play - JUMP!

Jun 4, 2011

PA H.S. Soccer Coach Shows Off His Whopper At Burger King, Fuzz Alleges

As mentioned this morning, Busted Coverage was traveling from Ohio to New York over the last 24 hours and just happened to catch some sleep in the Poconos region. Yesterday we get up, turn on the TV to see who won Game Two of Mavs-Heat and get introduced to Scranton-area soccer coach Joseph Kovaleski, who was arrested for flopping out his dong on Burger King workers. Wait until you read Joe's reasoning for having dong issues - JUMP!

Jun 3, 2011

Tenn. Dad Goes Extra Mile To Drink, Watch NBA Finals [Cuff ‘Em]

Meet Tennessean David Mark Dixon. Dude is 32, has two daughters and, we suppose, finds his life kinda slipping by. The glory days are behind him. No more hanging with the boys, watching the NBA Finals and getting hammered on a Tuesday night. Well, this week, David decided to have some 'me' time for Game One of Heat-Mavs. The only problem? He was supposed to be watching the kids while his wife was working. Full details of NBA Finals Father of the Year - JUMP!

Jun 2, 2011

Willy Aybar Says His “Baby Mama” Bit Him First, Bloodies Her Face [Cuff ‘Em]

Been wondering where Willy Aybar has been hiding out? Well, he spent the last 2 1/2 days sitting in a King County Sheriff Office jail cell after being arrested for beating his wife in a Seattle hotel room. Why was Willy holed up in Seattle? Dude was on his way to play for Edminton in some out-post minor league. This guy went from destroying the Red Sox in the 2008 ALDS (2 HR, .421) to jail. Full details of his Seattle legal troubles - JUMP!