NHL Ice Girls

May 6, 2015

Meet LA Kings Ice Girl Chelsea R.

Still missing Los Angeles Kings postseason hockey? Get over it. There are so many other ways to burn time: NBA...

Apr 20, 2015

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Girls Try On Skirts at Uniform Photo Shoot

It’s been a rough April for Los Angeles Kings fans. No playoffs, and Jarret Stoll’s been strolling around Las Vegas...

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Apr 1, 2015

Watch: Day 2 of the L.A. Kings Ice Girls’ Bikini Calendar Shoot

Need a little motivation to truck through the homestretch of Hump and April Fool’s Day? Don’t worry, the Los Angeles...

Mar 25, 2015

Watch the L.A. Kings Ice Girls Pose In Malibu for Bikini Calendar Shoot

If the NHL playoffs started today, last season’s champions, the Los Angeles Kings, would not be a part of the...

Aug 26, 2014

Predators Ice Girls Ice Bucket Challenge Grade: A

    Once again, I’m not wasting your time with worthless bucket of water over the head Ice Bucket Challenge...

Apr 7, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Sarah Watches Game Shows, Likes Peanut Butter [VIDEO]

It’s good news/bad news time for hockey fans. Good news: the Stanley Cup Playoffs start next week, so NHL games...

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Mar 26, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Niki Is A 4’11” Firecracker [PHOTOS]

The L.A. Kings Ice Crew is already in playoff form. As you’ll surely recall, the NHL’s answer to the Dallas...

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Member Ashley Can Put Her Leg Behind Her Head [VIDEO]

  The L.A. Kings Ice Crew continues to assault your loins by rolling out videos of their calendar and promo...

Mar 19, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Rookie Kelly Is A Former Pageant Queen [PHOTOS]

The L.A. Kings are a perfect 3-0 since the 2013-14 NHL season resumed after the conclusion of the Winter Olympics....

Mar 3, 2014

L.A. Kings Ice Crew Rookie Chelsea Helps Welcome Back The NHL Season [PHOTOS]

Now that the 2014 Winter Olympics are over, the 2013-14 NHL season can resume, which means hockey fans only have...

Feb 24, 2014

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Feb 13, 2014

Amanda Of The L.A. Kings Ice Crew Heats Up Your Snow Day

The NHL is on hiatus, but the hotness of the L.A. Kings Ice Crew never rests. We mentioned last month...

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Jan 16, 2014

Watch L.A. Kings Ice Crew Hit The Beach For 2014 Bikini Calendar [VIDEO]

As we mentioned the other day, the L.A. Kings Ice Crew is slowly releasing behind-the-scenes video from its 2014 bikini...

Jan 13, 2014

Watch L.A. Kings Ice Crew Pose For Bikini Calendar [VIDEO]

The L.A. Kings Ice Crew are sort of like the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders of NHL ice crews. Sure, other teams...

Nov 25, 2013

Kings Ice Girls Ally & Ashley Eliminated From ‘Amazing Race’ [PHOTOS]

“The Amazing Race” clearly doesn’t care about sports fans. One week after baseball wives Kim DeJesus and Nicky Getz were...

Feb 25, 2013

Panthers Ice Girl Karlyn Olson Teases New Photoshoot

BC has been a long time fan of the Florida Panthers Ice Girls. We’ve featured Karlyn Olson and a few...

Feb 13, 2013

Know Your Kings Ice Girls: Vanessa Likes Walking Dogs & Playing Guitar!

The Los Angeles Kings have done it again. The 2012-13 crop of ice girls is one of their best yet...

Jan 11, 2013

The 2013 Nashville Predators Ice Girls Calendar [PHOTOS, SCREENCAPS]

NHL nerds rejoice, the pre-season is only days away and the regular season starts in just over a week. What...

Nov 29, 2012

L.A. Kings vs. Dallas Stars: Ice Girls Bikini Calendar Showdown [PHOTOS]

No NHL? No problem. That is, of course, if the NHL ice girls continue to come out with their bikini...

Oct 11, 2012

Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Molly Moenkhoff Also A Titans’ Cheerleader [49 PHOTOS]

Week in and week out we have been seeking out the hottest chicks on the internet who also know a...

Oct 11, 2012

Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Blue Jackets’ Saundrine Lanouette [47 PHOTOS]

As the NHL and the NHLPA continues to dick around with the upcoming season, Busted Coverage is the only media...

Oct 2, 2012

84 KHL Russian Ice Girls To Celebrate ESPN Lockout Hockey

Hockey hasn't been part of ESPN networks since 2004-05. Did any of you notice or care? No? Didn't think so. Well, we are here to put hockey back on the map for you guys because Russia's KHL (Kontinental Hockey League) has officially signed with ESPN to have select games streamed live on ESPN3. To celebrate hockey's (kind of) return to ESPN we bring you 84 sexy KHL ice girls!JUMP!

Sep 27, 2012

Hottest Locked Out NHL Ice Girls: Danielle Castellano [25 PHOTOS]

You think that stupid NHL lockout is only hurting the players and front offices that are slashing workers? Think again. You have Ice Girls to think about. Take the case of our friend Danielle Castellano. She spent last season as a Florida Panthers Ice Girl. She was along for the ride as the Panthers won the Southeast division and lost a first-round battle (4-3) against the Devils. Now she's locked out and serving as our guest NFL picker. So sad. JUMP!

Sep 4, 2012

2012 Minor League Hockey Ice Girl Tryouts: Houston Aeros [20 PHOTOS]

Our old Flickr friend Scott Byrne was on assignment last week at the Houston Aeros (AHL) ice girl tryouts and dropped us a line last night. A brief search tells us that the Aeros will be calling its ice girls the Aero Dynamics. So catchy! As for the quality of girls showing up for the audition, we're not talking Dallas Stars quality, but if you're paying $10 for tickets to an Aeros game, you'll be entertained. Do the girls skate? Doesn't look like it. JUMP!

Jul 13, 2012

NHL’s Most Flexible Ice Girl: Florida Panthers’ Dancer Karlyn! [50 PHOTOS!]

Here's a new angle to writing an NHL Ice Girl post - most flexible. It's not like we sent BC Cheerleader Editor Asher out looking for flexible NHL Ice Girls. He's just that good. The guy always has his nose to the ground, sniffing out stories from Facebook & Twitter accounts. Today he stops in South Florida to visit with Karlyn. She turned a cruise ship dancing career into a hockey job. JUMP!

Jun 12, 2012

Chicks Of The Stanley Cup: L.A. Kings’ Ice Girl Carryln Has A Pet Mouse! [PHOTOS]

Tired of chicks wearing Kings gear yet? We'll probably stop posting chicks in sweaters at some point this week, but at this point Team BC just can't get enough of the ladies rooting for L.A. in the Stanley Cup. Drink it up, boys. Remember last year in Vancouver? Sure there were some Canucks racks to look at but most of those chicks are fugly. Kings' chicks are on a whole other level. Take Ice Girl Carryln. She's hot, knows hockey & has a pet mouse. Marriage material! JUMP!

May 18, 2012

Ice Girls Of The NHL: Predators’ Crystal Is A Hooters’ Cover Girl [PHOTOS!]

Sure, the Nashville Predators are out of the NHL playoffs and on some golf course in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Asher is still marking off names on his Ice Girls of the NHL checklist. We think today's chick, Crystal, just might be the hottest Ice Girl to ever lace up the skates in the NHL. Name another Hooters bikini model who also doubles as an Ice Girl. You can't. Don't even try. Say hello to hockey's version of Kate Upton. JUMP!

Mar 13, 2012

Our Favorite NHL Ice Girl: Florida Panthers’ Alexis Augusto [PHOTOS]

Here's what we know about the lovely Alexis Augusto: she's a sports freak. No, we're not talking about these bimbos who hang at a sports bar and act like they know about sports. Alexis is legitimately into the sports world. Miami Dolphins cheerleader? Check. Florida Panthers Ice Dancer? Check. Florida Atlantic cheerleader? Check. Yankees fan? Check. Alabama Crimson Tide fan? Check. New Orleans Saints fan? Check. Jets fan? Check. JUMP!

Oct 31, 2011

Blackhawks Halloween Costume Game Night: Ice Girl, Hooters Waitress & More!

Just happened to be in Chicago this weekend and decided to bust our NHL cherry with a stop at the Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets game. BONUS: just happened to be Halloween costume night. That meant lots of slutty women were just cruising the United Center in their Blackhawks Ice Girls costumes looking to jump some Tony Amonte costume bones. There was a Hooters waitress dude and we also spotted a dude dressed up as a blind ref - with a blind cane! JUMP!

Oct 17, 2011

56 Sexiest KHL Russian Ice Girl Facebook & Google.ru Photos

It came to our attention over the weekend that there has been an explosion of all things Ice Girls in the Kontinental Hockey League, better known as the NHL of Russia. According to observers on the ground, the KHL is patterning itself off the ice as the NHL and that means Ice Girls dancing on risers behind goalies. It also means between-period-skating sessions. Of course we're all for exporting Ice Girls around the world. Big difference with Russian Ice Girls? Lack of clothes. JUMP!

May 10, 2011

Nashville Predators Liquid Ice Girl Manhandles Catfish [Photo]

It is with great pleasure that we update you on the NHL Playoffs and tell you that the Vancouver Canucks eliminated the Nashville Predators in Tennessee last night. As always, we went looking for fight videos, the Green Men messing with Nicole Kidman or drunken fans. What BC returned with was a Nashville Liquid Ice Girl manhandling this catfish. Um, instant respect.

Nov 5, 2010

The Hottest Cheerleader Working On Capitol Hill – Kristie From Washington Capitals Red Rockers

Our friends at UltimateCheerleaders.com say that this chick, Kristie, works for Pennsylvania Congressman Bob Brady. Would someone please tell us...

Sep 29, 2009

11 All-Time Greatest Screen Caps From 2009 Dallas Stars Ice Girls On The Lake Video

If you follow the year-to-year dealings of bloggers you know that a professional season can’t start without an analysis of...

Nov 14, 2008

Busted Coverage Investigation: The 2008-2009 Hottest NHL Ice Dancers

  Say hello to the NHL’s hottest ice dancer,         ...