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Dec 10, 2011

Xavier-Cincinnati Basketball Fight: Let The Bodies Hit The Floor [VIDEO]

A brawl broke out at the Xavier Cincinati game on Saturday leaving Kenny Frease bloody and screaming on the court. There was less than 10 seconds left in the game when the fight broke out and the benches cleared. Cincinnati Bearcat player Yancy Gates threw punches and kicks towards Xavier player. The DJ then played "Run This Town" by Jay-Z afterwards. Well played DJ. H/T to @Bubbaprog. JUMP!

Dec 10, 2011

Mouthiest Fan At Army-Navy Game: Nice Choppers, Colin [PHOTOS]

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden showed up to watch the Army Navy game. Tracy Wolfson looked like she was freezing on the sidelines and bundled herself up in everything she could find to stay warm. The stadium was packed which will happen when the girls at both of your schools can squat more than your linebackers. One Navy fan was particularly psyched for this game. JUMP!

Dec 5, 2011

Apparently No One Got The Memo That The Jaguars Were Playing Monday Night Football Tonight [PHOTOS]

The Jacksonville Jaguars and San Diego Chargers were featured on Monday Night Football and apparently no one in the city of Jacksonville wanted to support their team that just had their head coach fired. The Chargers Tight End literally jumped over a Jacksonville defender while the Jaguar Dancers cheered on the sideline. I probably wouldn't show up either if my team was just sold. JUMP!

Dec 4, 2011

The Undefeated Packers Get Tested By The New York Giants

The Green Bay Packers were down to the New York Giants early but holy shit is Aaron Rodgers accurate when he tied the game up at 7-7.  The New York Giants even set up this T-Rex on the train to intimidate the Packers. Let's see if it actually works. Vic Ballard gave his best Trollface ever. If that face doesn't give the New York the chance to knock off the Packers, I don't know what will. JUMP!

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Dec 4, 2011

Tebowmania Broke Out In The Broncos Vikings Game

Rookie Quarterback Christian Ponder and the Minnesota Vikings took on the Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. Tebow and Ponder were arch rivals where Tebow went to Florida and Ponder went to Florida State. No one paid attention to the fact that Von Miller was out for the game and everyone went into full Tebowmania mode. These two girls drove 315 miles through a blizzard for the guy.  JUMP!

The 2011 SEC Championship Game: Honey Badgers, Tigerettes, and Cheerleaders

Mark Richt and the Georgia Dawgs came prepared to play the LSU Tigers. After scoring a Field Goal, Georgia went for the onside kick and got it. Apparently the Georgia Wide Receivers made sure to cover their hands with vaseline in order to make sure they wouldn't catch a single pass from Aaron Murray. The Honey Badger returned a punt for a Touchdown energizing the LSU crowd. He takes what he wants. Bonus: hot cheerleaders! JUMP!

Dec 3, 2011

Case Keenum Looks To Have Even More Sex As Well As The Heisman

Case Keenum is a potential Heisman winner who claims he has the "most sex on the team" looks beat Southern Miss for the 2011 C-USA Championship game. Craig James called the game who still has yet to prove that he did not kill 5 hookers while at SMU. Both Quarterbacks could barely complete a 5 yard hitch route due to the 16 MPH winds in the stadium. The cheerleaders and the women of Texas definitely were the highlight of this match up. JUMP!

Dec 3, 2011

ESPN GameDay Signs 2011: LSU Vs. Georgia [PHOTOS]

The LSU Tigers are in for a test against the Georgia Dawgs in the final College Gameday of the season. The Gameday signs did not disappoint this year with slogans such as "Holla at your Boykin" AND "EAT MOR KORNDOGS". An LSU fan retialiated with a sign that said "Bark if you lost to Boise". I'm really disappointed in Georgia fans for not having a sign that said "Go HAM for Grantham". Whatever these signs say, I'm sure the Honey Badger doesn't give a shit. JUMP!

Dec 3, 2011

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Dec 2, 2011

Oregon Cheerleaders’ Legs Brave Cold December Air At Pac-12 Championship

Of course the only reason to watch last night's Pac-12 Championship was for the cheerleaders and to see how bad Oregon could destroy a horrible UCLA game. How did UCLA get into the Pac-12 Championship, you ask? That's what happens when USC has bowl eligibility stripped thanks to Reggie Bush. The shitty Bruins go by default. As for the cheerleaders, this'll be the last time you'll see the ladies in '11. Next stop - The Rose Bowl. JUMP!

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Dec 2, 2011

Mickey Tettleton Sighting At MAC Championship Game [PHOTOS]

The Ohio Bobcats took on the Northern Illinois Huskies where no one decided to show up to support their team in the championship game. Both opening drives ended up in interceptions which is odd because the MAC is not known for its defense. The director of communications of the MAC conference even found me on Twitter and urged me not to call it MACtion. Tyler Tettleton's father and his son may be the only ones watching this game. JUMP!

Dec 1, 2011

The West Virginia Mountaineer Has A Message For You

ESPN probably chose the wrong shot opening shot for the West Virginia Mountaineer for you to watch some Thursday night football.  Jenn Brown manned the sidelines where as you may have had your TV muted while Craig James announced the game. The University of South Florida also seemed to have a "ball boy" who seemed well into his 60's. Dana Holgerson had at least 8 Red Bulls before the game started. JUMP!

Nov 28, 2011

The Giants-Saints Game Provided The Infamous “Manning Face”

Eli Manning and the New York Giants are taking on the New Orleans Saints where Eli provided the classic "Manning Face" after throwing an interception to the Saints. At 5 foot 6, Darren Sproles used his smurf back status to rip through the Giants defense with a vengeance. Drew "Breesus" looked as immaculate as usual throwing towards one of the best tight ends in the nation named Jimmy Graham. Note to the Giants: You may want to cover him. JUMP!

Nov 27, 2011

The Steelers-Chiefs Weirdest Faces Better Than Actual Game [PHOTOS]

It's Sunday Night Football where the Pittsburgh Steelers are taking on the Kansas City Chiefs. It's obvious that both teams made bets with each other to see who could make the most "DERP" faces during 60 minutes of playing time. Kansas City better keep Ben Roethlisberger away from their girls after the game tonight and keep their defensive lineman close to him. JUMP!

Nov 27, 2011

Nick Novak Relieves Himself On The Field [PHOTO]

Nick Novak had to relieve himself on the field during the San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos game and thankfully the cameras caught it. A special hat tip to his teammate he hid his goods with a towel so no one in the stands could see his man parts. Novak missed the game winning Field Goal in Overtime. Obviously relieving himself by the Gatorade cooler did not help his mojo. JUMP!

Nov 27, 2011

What The Hell Is Junior Seau Wearing At Broncos-Chargers Game? [PHOTOS]

John Elway, who was once a Broncos Quarterback, looks onward hoping that "Baby Rhinoceros Tebow Jesus" can lead the Denver Broncos to a comeback against the San Diego Chargers. Junior Seau also got inducted into the Chargers Hall of Hame but WHAT TH HELL IS HE WEARING? JUMP!

Nov 27, 2011

Bills Stevie Johnson Mocks Plaxico Burress For Shooting Himself In Thigh [PHOTOS]

Ryan Fitzpatrick of the Buffalo Bills look to knock off the New York Jets  Plaxico Burress better not shoot his team in the foot for them to pull this off. Ryan Fitzpatrick also won the award for best pornstache in the NFL The mustache may rival that of Ron Swanson from the TV show Parks and Recreation. That is an impressive feat..  JUMP!

Nov 26, 2011

All FSU Chick Really Wants For Christmas Is BC’s Kevin The Intern [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Even though Florida State students can't read they flocked to Ben Hill Griffin Stadium to watch their Seminoles take on the Florida Gators in "The Swamp". "Ghostface" from the Scream series was spotted by the Gator band section and horrendous looking Florida State girl held up a sign asking Santa to beat the Gators. I thought Seminole girls were supposed to be attractive? JUMP!

Nov 26, 2011

The Iron Bowl 2011: Now With 100% More Troll Faces [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Alabama WR Marquis Maze just saw Auburn's punter shank a punt for 18 yards and gave his best "Trollface" ever. The caption should read "U MAD BRO?" Alabama is currently dominating Auburn in the Iron Bowl. Expect to see ALL OF THE SCHAUDENFREUDE. AJ McCarron has already thrown a flea flicker pass. Expect Alabama to unleash the dogs. JUMP!

Nov 26, 2011

Brawl Erupts At Ohio State VS. Michigan Game [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: During what is referred to as "The Game", Ohio State took on Michigan in Ann Arbor. This season Michigan finally put bodies in their seats for this game now that they are actually not absolutely terrible. All of these fans got to witness a some brawl break out between the Ohio State and Michigan players. Michigan fans also dressed up in some crazy attire. You can't blame them, what the hell else is there to do in Michigan?

Nov 26, 2011

ESPN GameDay Signs 2011: Auburn Vs. Alabama [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: The Iron Bowl is one of the most intense rivalries in all of College Football. However, ESPN confiscated almost 80% of the Auburn fans signs forcing one guys sign to just read "THIS IS A POSTER". Real creative bro. No Alabama insults were left out including the fact that Alabama can't hit a Field Goal if their lives depended on it. JUMP!

Nov 25, 2011

ESPN Sideline Reporter Samantha Steele About To Pass Out [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShfit35: Dennis Erickson, the head coach of The Arizona State University, is not having a great night against the California Bears this Friday night. Vontaze Burflict is here to take your girl, your touchdowns, your Quarterback down, and probably your soul. Zach Maynard is actually making this a game against the Sun Devils as a former basketball player that can run the ball in the end zone when necessary. JUMP!

Nov 25, 2011

Backyard Brawl: Now With More Redbull and Coon Hats [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: West Virginia fans flocked to watch their team play against the Panthers. You guessed it, the bro in the uniform is wearing a raccoon piece. Expect every couch in this town to get burned tonight if WVU wins. I'm sure West Virginia will do well after Dana Holgorsen has drank his 8 Red Bulls. Also, if WVU wins, expect Dana to make it to Atlantic City in time to double down on a pair on sixes at a casino tonight. JUMP!

Nov 25, 2011

Is Honey Badger Blazed In This Profile Shot During LSU-Arkansas? [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Tyrann Matthieu is known for his love of his synthetic weed and taking the ball away from your favorite Quarterback. During the CBS intro, it looks as if Tyrann aka "The Honey Badger" packed a bowl of his favorite synthetic "sticky icky" right before his player picture was taken. Let's see if this affects his performance in the "Battle of the Boot" where LSU takes on Arkansas. JUMP!

Nov 24, 2011

Jason Witten Spooning With Cowboys Cheerleader [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Jason Witten caught a pass from Tony Romo and proceeded to the sidelines where a cheerleader was in his way. Looks as if Witten wasn't just bracing his fall and was trying to grab onto this hot broad. Also, during the National Anthem, A&M fan was more interested in her Twitter account than showing our America some respect during the National Anthem. JUMP!

Nov 24, 2011

Detroit Fan Has Double Middle Finger For Nickleback [PHOTOS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Jim Schwartz of the Lions is having the worst Thanksgiving ever and probably an aneurism with his turkey. Even his assistants looked as if they may be taken to the nearest Detroit hospital. To add to all of this frustration, Greg Jennings was in Detroit's end zone "Tebowing". If Detroit wasn't a depressing enough place, the Lions have to go ahead and make it worse for all of their fans. JUMP!

Nov 22, 2011

Ohio U. Bros An ‘O’ Short So They Recruit FUPA Becky

Via Screencapper ParadigmShift35: The students of Ohio University are out in full force with ill planned body painting. Just a guess that 'I' is dating 'O' and 'Becky' only got in on tonight's MAC action because 'Keith' promised her a night out in Athens where it's either a football game or smoking meth in a double-wide. So 'Becky' promptly scrounged up her sweet Jordache jeans and slapped an 'O' on that gut. Who's ready for some MAC screencaps? JUMP!

Nov 21, 2011

Introducing The Tom Brady Face [PHOTO]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: You've heard of Peyton Manning Face. You've also laughed at Eli Manning Face. Now we have Tom Brady Face. Dude, even though you have multiple Super Bowl rings, that smokin' hot wife and a giant wad of money, that face is Internet gold. Thanks to whomever skunked the Gatorade. An entire Brady Face cottage industry will be born after tonight. We checked, @TomBradyFace is available. JUMP!

Nov 20, 2011

Chicago Bears Take On The Chargers At Soldier Field [SCREENCAPS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: The (4-5) Chargers are visiting the (6-3) Bears at Soldier Field. This game promises to produce many "Cutlerface's". If the Chargers are stupid enough to kick to Devin Hester, expect him to go HAM. Jim Nantz is calling the game so expect to fall asleep by half time. To say Phillip Rivers has been struggling has been an understatement. It's freezing in Chicago so expect to see numerous humorous images. Jump!

Nov 20, 2011

Green Bay Cheeseheads Flock To Lambeau Field For Bucs Game [SCREENCAPS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: The (4-5) Tampa Bay Buccaneers are visiting the (9-0) Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. The Packers are undefeated and look to be Super Bowl contenders this year. Aaron Rodgers has made packers fans say "Brett who?". The 2010 Super Bowl champions look to have no problems with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers that rank 31st in total defense in NFL. JUMP!

Nov 19, 2011

Florida State Vs. Virginia [SCREENCAPS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Virginia traveled to Tallahassee to take on the Florida State Seminoles. FSU started 2011 as the #5 team in the nation but have failed to live up to expectations. Virginia is doing surprisingly well and the coach inspired his team by almost losing his life after being shot by a robber. FSU should win this game handily if they aren't looking forward to next week's game against Florida. JUMP!

Nov 19, 2011

Name This Chesty Ohio State MILF – NOW! [SCREENCAPS]

Via Weekend Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Penn State is visiting Ohio State in the Horseshoe today at 3:30 EST. Penn State is looking to avenge their loss to Nebraska last week and also try and take their minds off the horrendous Sandusky scandal. This game has been poorly dubbed the "Tats versus Tots" game by some sports writers. I will be disappointed if I don't see an Ohio State fan holding a sign that says "Hide yo kids. Hide Yo Wife". JUMP!

Nov 17, 2011

Virginia Tech Rednecks Bring Lunch Pail For UNC Showdown [Screencaps]

Via Busted Coverage's Screencapper ParadigmShift35: Of course the crazy Virginia Tech rednecks were out in full force tonight in Blacksburg. Is there anything else to do on a Thursday night in the hills of Va? Not unless sitting at home and watching Pawn Stars DVRs sounds like a blast. Anyway, there were freezing conditions, some dude with his lunch pail and Jenn Brown up to her normal sideline duties. Catch that ACC football fever. JUMP!