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Dec 31, 2011

Santa Claus Thinks Virginia’s Uniforms Can Go Straight To Hell [PHOTOS]

The Virginia Cavaliers must have hired a uniform designer that was on acid for the Chick-Fil-A Bowl against the Auburn Tigers. Bright orange on bright orange? Even Maryland thinks your uniforms are poorly chosen. Even Santa Claus thinks you messed up big time Virginia. You have to hand it to Virginia fans because they brought some hilarious signs like "Eat Mor Tigurz" and "Eat Mor War Eagle". Check em out after the JUMP!

Dec 31, 2011

UCLA Cheerleaders Only Exciting Part Of Fight Hunger Bowl [PHOTOS]

Even the homeless who were fed probably didn't even have a good time watching the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl between the UCLA Bruins and the Illinois Illini. The game was filled with absolutely no offense, terribly ran fake field goals, and apparently these three bros were the only ones who gave a shit. Thank God the UCLA cheerleaders were on the sideline looking good otherwise this game would have been a dumpster fire. The Illinois team did completely miss their coach with the Gatorade bath. JUMP!

Dec 31, 2011

Northwestern Player Punches Monkey Doll In Face [PHOTOS]

The Northwestern Wildcats have lost 8 bowl games in a row and hope to change that in this years Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas against the Texas A&M Aggies. Of course in order to combat that losing streak, Northwestern made a doll of a monkey in which they can "Get the monkey off of their back". Real cute guys. Maybe you should focus on blocking and tackling. You may also wan to keep your coach from complaining like a bitch on the sideline. JUMP!

Dec 30, 2011

Kenny Stills & His Sweet Perm At InSight Bowl [PHOTOS]

Herky The Hawk should spend less time at children's playgrounds and more time at the Iowa Hawkeyes practice so they actually win the Insight Bowl against the Oklahoma Sooners. This mascot looks like it is trapped in cement and forced to run around for oxygen. Oklahoma Sooner Kenny Stills has his picture as an 'impact player' who looks like a Grade A douchebag with a fauxhawk. When your hair taller than a Chick-Fil-A banner, it's probably time to cut it. JUMP!

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Dec 30, 2011

Dan Mullen’s Stormtrooper Gloves At Music City Bowl [PHOTOS]

Dan Mullen of the Mississippi State Bulldogs is one of the most hated man in sports. His Bulldogs looks like they all covered their hands in vaseline so none of them could hold on to the ball but what is he doing with that gigantic Star Wars like glove? Is he hiding a robotic hand under there? Let us know. The Demon Deacons of Wake Forrest would like to take the Music City Bowl by force if only Darth Mullen could stop them. JUMP!

Iowa State Cyclones Win Award For Creepiest Looking Mascot [PHOTOS]

The New Era Pinstripe Bowl is another example of a dumb ass sponsorship bowl name but the Rutgers Scarlet Knights and the Iowa State Cyclones battled each other at Yankee Stadium. I'm surprised the whole cast of f'ing Jersey Shore douchebags and The Sopranos didn't show up to support their state since it was so close. The Iowa State Cyclone also looked like it would appear on the next episode of "To Catch A Predator".  JUMP!

Dec 30, 2011

Ref Bitch Slapping Tulsa Player At Armed Forces-less Bowl [PHOTOS]

A referee wasn't too happy with this Tulsa Hurricane in the Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl against the BYU Cougars and ended up getting in his face. You need to learn to respect your officials and not "give them the business". Ironically, the bowl game was sponsored by Taxslayer.com in which I don't know how much money was spent on helicopters, parachuters, and flyover. Also, this kid in the stands was psyched beyond belief that his team came to play. JUMP!

Dec 30, 2011

Defense Optional in Valero Alamo Bowl… Over 123 Points Scored [PHOTOS]

The Heisman Trophy winner Robert Griffin III and the Baylor Bears took on the Washington Huskies in the Valero Alamo Bowl The crowd in this game was the tamest crowd ever seen. I guess that is what happens when you put sedatives in the water supply. At least Washington has hot Cheerleaders or I would have fallen asleep watching RGII dissect the defense. RGII's family was in the stands today in which zero shits were given by their facial emotions. They already know he is going in the first round. JUMP!

Dec 29, 2011

Dec 29, 2011

Florida State Bro Hammered, Little Sleepy At Champs Bowl [PHOTOS & VIDEO]

This Florida State Seminole fan did not have a real good time at the Champs Sports Bowl against the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. The only explanation for why this mediocre team is pounding the Seminoles is divine intervention since Notre Dame is a well known Catholic school. Touchdown Jesus may have made sure Michael Floyd was actually sober for this game. Not even ESPN sideline reporter Holly Rowe who had at least 5 lbs of makeup on could help the Noles.  JUMP!

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Dec 28, 2011

Jimmy Kimmel’s Sidekick Guillermo At Holiday Bowl [PHOTOS]

This hefty Texas Longhorn fan showed up nice and drunk to root against the California Bears in the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl. BC would like to salute all of you crazy ass sombrero wearing drunken fans. You make screencapping fun. Also, a couple douchebag Michigan Wolverine fans and Southern California Trojan fans showed up on broadcast. If you can't cheer for a team, get the hell out of the stadium.  JUMP!

Dec 28, 2011

Military Bowl…More Corporate Sponsors Than South Has Rednecks [PHOTOS]

The Military Bowl between the Toledo Rockets and the Air Force Falcons was filled with insane amounts of scoring and tons of shameless corporate sponsorship. I guess someone had to pay for the billion dollar Stealth Fighter flyover which was totally bad ass. A MAC conference team was in this game so you know what that means. No defense and a million points scored. If you hate MACtion, then you obviously hate America and the Military Bowl.  JUMP!

Dec 27, 2011

Louisville Fan Struggles With Right Dimension To Hold Shirt In [Photos]

We live in a three dimensional world and sometimes it can be tough to tell which one to hold your sign into. Rule of thumb, hold it so the camera reads it so it isn't backwards Louisville Carinal fans. The NC State Wolfpack, who is coached by Tom O'Brien, pretty much has nothing to give after giving up Russell Wilson to Wisconsin. Also, the weird Louisville bird kid made it on ESPN. Congratulations you weird little bird bastard.  JUMP!

Dec 27, 2011

Name These Three Effeminate WMU Bros [Photos]

The Little Caesars bowl kicked off tonight and 3 bros decided to show up and wear the least manly of outfits. The Western Michigan Broncos and the Purdue Boilermakers faced off against each other. Also, the Broncos threw one of the sweetest flea flickers for a Touchdown. Robert Marve, the transfer from the Miami Hurricanes, actually came into the game. He must have had some time off from getting drunk, taking illegal benefits, and shagging co-eds.  JUMP!

Dec 26, 2011

Insane Saints Fans and Betty White Collide On Monday Night Football [Photos]

Two insane New Orleans Saints fans was spotted in The Superdome where the Atlanta Falcons looked to come in for the upset. Even Betty White made an appearance on Monday Night Football and it was nothing short of spectacular. She knew more about the NFL than more than some 20 year olds. Even Suzy Kolber showed up and thankfully Joe Namath wasn't there to try and kiss her. JUMP!

Dec 26, 2011

Count The Losers At Independence Bowl [Photos]

ESPN sideline reporter Allison Williams was not discouraged even though only a handful of fans showed up to the Independence Bowl between the Mizzou Tigers and the UNC Tarheels. We did't need Darren Rovell to tell us how empty this stadium it was. I don't know how you can blame the fans though. Who wants to live in Shreveport? Sorry @FOTProgram. Spotted in the crowd: Is this kid's dad letting him smoke a blount or is it just a straw?  JUMP!

Dec 25, 2011

Hot Green Bay Packers Chick Taunts Ex-Boyfriend On National Television [Photo]

Hell hath no fury like a drunken woman scorned. Olivia, the Green Bay Packers fan, didn't let her ex-boyfriend come to the game because he is a cheating son of a bitch. The sign read "MY CHEATING  EX BOYFRIEND IS WATCHING FROM COUCH INSTEAD" which is an instant classic in relationship fiascos. Never mess with a girl that loves her football. Girls like Olivia will embarrass you in front of the entire nation. Be warned bros. HT @CJZeroJUMP!

Dec 24, 2011

Mini-Brawl At Sheraton Hawaii Bowl [Video]

It was the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl which at first was a lackluster game until something awesome happen. A Wide Receiver and a Cornerback starting going at it and before you could realize what was happening the entire end zone was filled with players in each other faces. Punches were thrown by the Southern Mississippi Eagles and the Nevada Wolfpack. Merry Christmas y'all. Video after the JUMP!

Dec 24, 2011

The Southern Miss Fans That Made The Trip To Hawaii Were Uh… Husky [Photos]

So Aloha Stadium was pretty much empty for this game against the Nevada Wolfpack and the Sourthern Mississippi Eagles. That didn't stop the crowd from having some signs that made absolutely no sense, cheerleaders, and announcers in God awful Hawaiian shirts. If anyone can figure out what the hell this sign says, please let me know. JUMP!

Dec 24, 2011

Remember That LSU Billboard in Afghanistan? Yeah, It’s Legit.

Remember that post of the "Number 1 LSU" Billboard from yesterday? Well, it turns out that it wasn't photoshopped after all and it is totally legit. This means that all those predictions we had of Afghanistani ragers filled with booze and broads are probably true. The 926th Engineering Company was behind this shenanigan in which Busted Coverage would like to salute you. Let's show the Taliban how America does football. HT CFBSection.

Dec 24, 2011

Tony Romo’s Hand Swelled Up Bigger Than His Head After This Hard Hit [Photos]

Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys got jacked up by a Philadelphia Eagles defender that made his hand swell up almost as big as his head. Some random third string Quarterback Stephen McGee came in to replace Romo. A Dallas Cowboys player gave one of the best "man I thought you were covering him" faces in the history of the NFL. JUMP!

Dec 24, 2011

What The Hell Are These Three Girls Wearing At Titans Game? [Photos]

Apparently the Tennessee Titans gave a memo to their fans that they should all dress ridiculous or dress up like Santa Claus for their game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Interesting tactic to try and intimidate the other team. Apparently this redneck Titans fan knitted himself a hat for the game. He must have had some extra time on his hands. JUMP!

Dec 24, 2011

Cam Newton Yells How He Will Not Listen To His Coach Today [Video]

Not only does the Carolina Panthers Quarterback yell into the camera about being "swaggerific", he also let the entire world know that today he would not be listening to his coach today. Santa Claus made an appearance in Carolina Panther colors and cheered his team on against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Cheerleaders in skimpy outfits, video of Cam, and more after the JUMP!

Dec 22, 2011

Name That Drug That This ASU Quarterback is On [PHOTOS]

ESPN will not let you forget that this Quarterback is the tallest QB in College Football but the real question is what drug is he on? Is it Xanax, Adderall, Marijuana, or just plain alcohol? Also, Chris Peterson of Boise State University does not look happy from the performance of his team. Somebody get him 2 mgs of Xanax stat! We are still not sure if Vontaze Burflict will murder a player on the field tonight. This is the Maaco Las Vegas Bowl, welcome to Thunder Dome bitch! JUMP!

Dec 21, 2011

‘TCU’ Shaved Into This Head For Poinsettia Bowl [PHOTOS]

If you attend the Texas Christian University, the highlight of college is probably getting tattoos on your arm and shaving "TCU" into your head. I will say one thing about TCU, the cheerleaders are amazing. The San Diego Poinsettia Bowl between TCU and LA Tech was filled horny girls, strange haircuts, and crazy signs. A young lady in the crowd also held up a sign that said "Horny For Life. Frogs Score More Than You". Busted Coverage salutes you ma'am. JUMP!

Dec 20, 2011

Everyone Was Drunk At The Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl [PHOTOS]

The amount of alcohol consumed by the attendees of the Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl must have been astronomical. In almost every shot, you can see someone chugging a beer. Also, this FIU Panther fan thought it would be a good idea to bring her new born baby to the game. Great parenting skills Brenda. If you look closely behind the Marshall fans, you can see someone wearing a Stormtrooper helmet. You have to be at least 10 beers deep to consider that doing that. JUMP!

Dec 19, 2011

Transformer Explodes During 49ers-Steelers Game [PHOTOS]

See that flashing blue light in the left corner of the picture? That is what happens when a transformer explodes and electricity goes haywire. The fact that this game is being played at Candlestick Park makes this occurrence hilarious. Either they are filming a scene from the Dark Knight Rising tonight or the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers are about to play in utter darkness. Big Ben also tried "Tebowing" and failed miserably. JUMP!

Dec 18, 2011

Batman Made An Appearance During the Chargers-Ravens Game [PHOTOS]

Brett here is obviously a fan of the movie The Dark Knight and made it clear during Sunday Night Football where the San Diego Chargers took on the Baltimore Ravens. I'm sure Phillip Rivers appreciates your fandom Brett. Takeo Spikes' neck may deserve it's own zip code due to the fact that it is actually bigger than his head. Terrell Suggs also claimed he went to "Ball So Hard University" which is really some random school in Arizona. JUMP!

Dec 18, 2011

New England Patriots Touchdown Gives Birth To The “Tebow Face” [PHOTOS]

If you've turned on ESPN at all this week, then you have definitely heard all about the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos face off. The amount of hype is insane. They basically showed pictures of people "Tebowing" all week long. If you were looking for a defensive batter, you were watching the wrong game. The fans were rabid and obsessed with Denver's savior Tim "Baby Rhinoceros Jesus" Tebow.  JUMP!

Dec 18, 2011

Jermichael Finley Pouts On The Ground While The Chiefs Lead The Packers [PHOTOS]

The Kansas City Chiefs are leading the undefeated Green Bay Packers in the 2nd quarter and Jermichael Finley is not happy about it. After Aaron Rodgers threw him a perfectly thrown ball, Finley stayed on the ground looking pouting like a school girl. Don't worry Packer fans, a coach is showing Aaron Rodgers what to do via a laptop. Could this be the first loss since Busted Coverage bought a share of the Packers? JUMP!

Dec 17, 2011

Kerwynn Williams Has The Best Worst Haircut of All Time [PHOTOS]

Kerwynn Williams was either a character in the House Party movies or he should look into getting a haircut. Tyler Tettleton of the Ohio Bobcats apparently had a sweaty palms issues and just threw the ball through his in own end zone [Video]. Utah State and  the Ohio Bobcats were forced to play on Boise State's "Smurf Turf" so mostly all you could see on your television screen was pure blue. The largest potato made an appearance for the Idaho Potato BowlJUMP!

Dec 17, 2011

This Wyoming Fan is Here To Support his “Pokes” [PHOTOS]

Literally dozens of people showed up to the Gildan New Mexico Bowl. One of those fans happened to be Bob the Wyoming fan who probably just escaped from the nearest mental institution. What the hell are you wearing Bob?  New Mexico is known for being the hot air balloon capital of the world. It looked as if most people were watching from their air balloons because the stadium was empty. Also, kicker trick shot on video! .  JUMP!

Dec 16, 2011

Sam Houston State Fan Wants LSU [PHOTOS]

Carl, the Sam Houston State fan, was caught on television during the NCAA FCS Championship Semifinal. This guy seems to think that his FCS school is ready to face number one ranked LSU in the BCS National Championship. Cool story bro. Beating the shit out of Montana definitely should be a qualifier for the championship. Tyrann Mathieu has a message for you Carl. HT KegsNEggs  JUMP!

Dec 12, 2011

Seahawks Utilize Power of Skittles Against Rams [PHOTOS]

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks, who is known for using skittles as a pick me up, had plenty...

Dec 11, 2011

Sunday Night Football: Introducing The Romo Face [PHOTOS]

You've no doubt heard of the Manning Face, well this is the Romo Face. It occurred directly after Tony Romo backed into his end zone and was subsequently sacked. Jessica Simpson is probably responsible for this. New York Giants Running Back Brandon Jacobs also jumped over a Dallas Cowboys' defender and did his best superman impression. DeMarco Murray went down with an injury that looks to have him out for the rest of the season.  JUMP!

Dec 11, 2011

Green Bay Packers “Lambeau Leap” Driving Whities Nuts Like Normal [PHOTOS]

The undefeated Green Bay Packers took on the Oakland Raiders at Lambeau Field today where the Green Bay "cheeseheads" in the crowd did not fail to dress insanely crazy. Packers receiver Brian Taylor got his first reception and also his first "Lambeau Leap". Carson Palmer looked lost against this Green Bay defense and his wide receivers did not exactly help him out  JUMP!

Dec 11, 2011

The Redskins Cheerleaders Sported American Flags On Their Bottoms [PHOTOS]

Rex "Rextacy" Grossman aka the "Sex Cannon" and the Washington Redskins faced off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Grossman spent most of his time on his back or missing his receivers against the stout New England defense where the sound of booing filled the stadium. Rob Gronkowski made a spectacular catch in which most of the defense thought he was down. JUMP!