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Aug 28, 2012

Whitney Ward – NFL Cheerleader Rookie Of The Year Contender [PHOTOS]

Meet the NFL Cheerleader Rookie of the Year, Whitney Ward. This chick hasn't cheered in regular season game and BC is handing Ms. Ward the prestigious award. Name another rookie NFL cheerleader in college, who looks like she parties, is blonde and has bikini photos for you guys. You can't. Once again, BC Cheerleader Editor Asher goes out of his way to unearth a chick who's about to become an Internet legend. JUMP!

Aug 22, 2012

Colts Cheerleaders Shoot Bikini Photos In Disgusting Cesspool Creek [PHOTOS]

Where to start with the Indianapolis Colts cheerleading bikini shoot debacle of 2012? It was a year ago when I ripped the organization for sending its girls to the Ohio River for a bikini shoot. This year the team decided to class things up by holding the shoot at some giant house and a cesspool creek. At least at the Ohio River the girls weren't on their knees. Whose ass within the Colts organization needs kicked? JUMP!

Aug 13, 2012

NFL’s New Bad Girl Cheerleader Kat Majester Makes Atlanta Debut! [PHOTOS]

We already chronicled Kat Majester's attempt to qualify for the London Olympics. Not even expected to be close to qualifying in the pole vault, Majester nearly made the team. Now Kat is moving on to the next phase her life: Atlanta Falcons cheerleader. The NFL's new bad girl of cheerleading made her professional debut on Thursday and instantly becomes one of our heros - if she keeps drinking. JUMP!

Detroit (Lions) Pride Cheerleader Bikini Calendar Shoot On Exotic Lake Michigan

Isn't it time the Detroit Lions organization puts some effort into rewarding its unofficial cheerleading team, the Detroit Pride? One of the final holdouts in the NFL to not allow cheerleaders anywhere near 60,000 slobbering meathead fans, the Lions finally allowed the Pride entrance to Ford Field in 2010. Now comes word that the ladies are even shooting bikini calendars - made in Michigan (on Lake Michigan). JUMP!

Aug 8, 2012

Hottest ACC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Florida State’s Kelsey!

While & all the other college football sites out there are busily breaking down depth charts, Busted Coverage editors have told Cheerleader Editor Asher to start cranking out cheerleaders you need to know this football season. It's what we do. Want to know what Matt Barkley had for breakfast? There's a Rivals board for that. Want to know what cheerleaders Brent Musburger ogles on a Saturday night? BC has you covered. JUMP!

Aug 6, 2012

USC Song Girls Get Wet In Tahoe – 2012 Edition [52 PHOTOS]

It's the official start of the college football season for Busted Coverage and has been since 2008 when we first started tracking the USC Song Girls weekend in Tahoe. While dorky sports bloggers are busy going to SEC media days or to Chicago to hear another Big Ten coach babble, we know the real start to the season is when another set of Song Girls gets baptized in those Tahoe waters. Once again, the Song Girls do not disappoint. JUMP!

Aug 4, 2012

Jul 31, 2012

Division II Cheerleader Smokeshows: Natalie From California University Of PA [PHOTOS]

Um, you guys are in for a treat this afternoon. BC Cheerleading Expert, Asher, went out and discovered a Division II football cheerleader named Natalie from Cal University of Pennsylvania. Why she's not at Florida State or Oregon is beyond our comprehension. Seriously, look at the costumes. Look at the bikini photos. Look at her shape. You are looking at the Hottest DII Cheerleader of 2012. The competition is officially over. JUMP!

Jul 26, 2012

Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleaders 2012 Bikini Calendar Preview [PHOTOS]

Another day, another sneak peak at an upcoming NFL cheerleader bikini calendar. Today we have The ROAR of the Jaguars. Yes, that's the official name of the Jaguars cheerleading squad. Unfortunately for Jags fans, the cheerleaders are the only reason we care about this team. Blaine Gabbert? Loser. The cool part about making this squad? You get to cheer in front of a closed upper deck and your parents in Jacksonville will never see you on TV. JUMP!

Jul 25, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Florida’s Tarin [PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleading Editor, Asher, yesterday was given the challenge to get a Florida Gators cheerleader into the Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever competition. I said something about Gators chicks being hot but not able to figure out how to take the cap off a Coke bottle. Next thing you know he's blasting a Gchat message at me about Tarin Moses. Cute as a button and she's not dumb. Her boyfriend? The UF starting QB. JUMP!

Jul 24, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: Mississippi State’s Hayley [20 PHOTOS]

Now BC Cheerleading expert, Asher, is on a roll. Energized by yesterday's "Is this the hottest SEC cheerleader ever?" theme, the guy has shot right back with a Mississippi State contender. You want a cheerleader that's hot and can milk a cow? MSU has you covered. You want a cheerleader that's hot and can't figure out how to operate a twist off Coke bottle? Head over to the Florida Gators. JUMP!

Jul 23, 2012

Hottest SEC Cheerleader Ever Competitor: South Carolina’s Lauren [20 PHOTOS]

BC Cheerleading expert, Asher, came to us today asking if he could update readers on South Carolina cheerleader, Lauren. Look, this isn't Deadspin or The Big Lead. We'll run cheerleader photos for no reason. Pageviews pay the bills and SEC dorks will keep clicking on a Gamecocks cheerleader, so it's game on. The big question we had about Lauren was if that rack was a 21st birthday gift. Kinda looks that way. JUMP!

Jul 13, 2012

NHL’s Most Flexible Ice Girl: Florida Panthers’ Dancer Karlyn! [50 PHOTOS!]

Here's a new angle to writing an NHL Ice Girl post - most flexible. It's not like we sent BC Cheerleader Editor Asher out looking for flexible NHL Ice Girls. He's just that good. The guy always has his nose to the ground, sniffing out stories from Facebook & Twitter accounts. Today he stops in South Florida to visit with Karlyn. She turned a cruise ship dancing career into a hockey job. JUMP!