Vikings Take Drastic Measures to Redeem First-Round Bust

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N’Keal Harry’s time as an NFL wide receiver might be coming to an end. He was a first-round pick from Arizona State, chosen by the New England Patriots. Now, he’s with the Minnesota Vikings and in good spirits.

Coach Kevin O’Connell wants him to switch to tight end.

Harry is “fired up” about this new role. The Vikings already have a top tight end, T.J. Hockenson, who’s recovering from a big injury. O’Connell, being an offensive-minded coach, sees potential in this change for Harry. His main issue has always been getting open.

This year will be a transition for the Vikings’ offense. With Kirk Cousins gone and Sam Darnold stepping in temporarily, it’s a unique time. O’Connell’s idea could be a game-changer. Despite my doubts about their GM, Kwesi Adofo-Mensah, I’m optimistic about O’Connell.

I’m actually on board with this position change for Harry.

Necessity drives innovation. So, Harry’s move to tight end is out of necessity.

I’ll give Harry credit. His NFL career hasn’t gone as planned since leaving Arizona State. His former teammate Brandon Aiyuk is thriving with the 49ers. Harry is close to being out of the league. This position change might unlock his potential.

Transitions are tough. Change is hard, even when you want it. Harry’s attitude seems right, which is good for everyone. The big question is if he can block and create separation against linebackers and safeties. If not, he’s out.

Ultimately, this is what you want from an offensive-minded coach. They’re great on the board and in the classroom, but are they good teachers? O’Connell seems to care deeply about his players. It’s not groundbreaking, but it shows his dedication.

I’m hopeful this works out for Harry, O’Connell, and the Vikings this season.

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