Bill Belichick’s Patriots Downfall Unrelated to Football

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Bill Belichick’s support of former President Donald Trump might be why he’s no longer coaching the New England Patriots.

Former Patriots cornerback Logan Ryan recently appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd and shared some surprising insights. It wasn’t about game strategy or losing his touch. Instead, Belichick lost the locker room by letting politics distract the team.

Belichick’s political stance came back to bite him. Families and friends across the country have been torn apart by politics. Belichick, a football genius, wasn’t immune to the divisiveness.

Most of us know someone who’s fallen down the MAGA rabbit hole. Even Belichick, one of the greatest football minds, wasn’t spared from the influence of a man under indictment for 91 felonies.

Belichick got involved with Trump back in 2016. Trump read a letter of support from Belichick at a campaign rally. Belichick later tried to distance himself, saying, “I’m not a political person,” but acknowledged a long-standing friendship with Trump. He even turned down the Presidential Medal of Freedom after January 6, citing “the tragic events of last week.”

Logan Ryan’s comments cast doubt on Belichick’s claim of being apolitical. The hypocrisy of telling players not to express their views while doing so himself is glaring. For two decades, Belichick preached team above self but couldn’t follow his own rules.

To be fair, other factors contributed to Belichick’s downfall. Letting Tom Brady leave and hiring Matt Patricia, an unqualified defensive coach, as offensive coordinator were also significant missteps.

Now, Belichick is a coaching free agent. After failing to become the Atlanta Falcons’ head coach, possibly due to interference from Patriots owner Robert Kraft, he’s pivoted to media. He’ll make regular appearances on The Pat McAfee Show and Monday Night Football’s Manningcast on ESPN. He also appeared on Netflix’s The Roast of Tom Brady, receiving generally positive reviews.

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