Cam Heyward Dismisses Steelers Holdout Concerns

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Cameron Heyward, a big football player, didn’t go to some team practices on purpose. He’s talking to his team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, about his job and how much money he should get. It’s like when you want to trade your snack for something better at lunchtime.

“It’s just business,” Heyward shrugged off the situation.

During his podcast, “Not Just Football,” Heyward spilled the beans. He’s not showing up for the Steelers’ next round of practices unless they agree on a new contract. He’s pretty clear about wanting to stay with the team, hoping for a deal to happen quickly.

“I have always attended these, but at this time, it’s just contract negotiations,” Heyward explained. “I want to be a Pittsburgh Steeler, but we’ll see what happens. You got to do what’s right for you.”

Cam Heyward downplays holdout with Steelers as nothing to worry about.

“First of all, it’s voluntary. Let’s get that straight,” Heyward said about the upcoming activities. “I’m working out and doing everything [but going to OTAs].”

In 2024, Heyward’s set to earn $16 million from his current contract. But with the market value going up, he’s likely looking for more cash and a longer commitment. The Steelers have until July 11, when mandatory training starts, to figure things out or they might have to fine him.

Heyward isn’t just any player. He’s a leader on and off the field, recently named the 2023 Walter Payton NFL Man of the Year. He’s been with the Steelers for 13 years, and his skills have earned him three All-Pro selections. It’s hard to imagine him in any other team’s colors.

Time will tell if Pittsburgh does right by Heyward.

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