Eagles Rumored To Overvalue Kenny Pickett In Latest Draft Buzz

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You know how sometimes people say, “Learn from others’ mistakes”? Well, that’s a tip someone should give to the Eagles football team. They’ve gone and made a big choice that might just be a bit of a whoopsie.

The Eagles traded for Kenny Pickett, a guy who used to play for the Steelers.

Kenny was a backup, but the Eagles are kinda smitten with him. They like how he moves and throws, just like the Steelers did when they first picked him. But here’s the kicker: “In Pickett, the Eagles see an accurate passer with desirable traits who still has room to develop,” says ESPN’s Tim McManus. He thinks Kenny could be a star, even though he didn’t shine so bright in Pittsburgh.

Now, insert a face-palm emoji. If Kenny was all that, wouldn’t he be the Steelers’ main man instead of them trading for Justin Fields or grabbing Russell Wilson? And get this: Kenny’s even older than Jalen Hurts, the Eagles’ current quarterback.

The Steelers’ story with Pickett is like a cautionary tale. They had high hopes, but things didn’t pan out, and they let him go before his rookie contract was up.

Kenny’s got a strong arm and he’s pretty athletic. That stuff gets scouts excited. But the Eagles should remember that being good at football isn’t just about being strong or fast. Take Jalen Hurts – he might not be Superman, but he knows how to win games.

The Eagles need to think hard about whether Kenny fits into their team. They’ve got to learn from the Steelers’ oopsie and not just fall for a player’s flashiness. Even if Kenny’s just a backup, they’ve got to be smart about it.

In the end, it’s all about making choices that help the team in the long run.

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