Chris Jones Reacts To Chiefs Trading L’Jarius Sneed

Kansas City, Missouri - May 22, 2022: Kansas City Chiefs' logo


The Kansas City Chiefs made a big move. They traded L’Jarius Sneed to the Tennessee Titans for two draft picks. Sneed was really good at covering the other team’s best player, but he didn’t want to stay if it meant playing under a certain tag.

Yet, the Chiefs had a backup plan.

The Chiefs had already prepared for Sneed’s departure by drafting Trent McDuffie. They got him because they traded another fast player, Tyreek Hill, to the Dolphins. It’s like the Chiefs’ boss, Brett Veach, is playing a smarter game than everyone else.

Chris Jones and Sneed had hoped to keep playing together. But with Sneed wanting a bigger, longer contract, it was a bit of a dream. When Sneed was traded, Jones took to Twitter to wish him well.

After that, Chris Jones got his own huge deal with the Chiefs. He signed for five years and could earn $95 million, with even more possible through bonuses. Jones always wanted to stay with the Chiefs. “For me, that was the plan from the beginning,” Jones told reporters. “You know, since you guys drafted me, I never planned to play for another organization — better yet, end the year with another organization after coming off of a Super Bowl win. Deep down, I felt like I was never leaving and (I’m) super appreciative for the Hunt family and the Chiefs organization for making sure I retire a Chief.”

Last season, the Chiefs made Jones prove his worth with a contract full of conditions. He did just that, showing the team they needed him.

Sneed, on the other hand, wasn’t up for that kind of gamble. Jones could relate; he might’ve left last year if he’d followed his gut. But his patience paid off, and the Chiefs honored his loyalty.

In the end, both Sneed and Jones got what they wanted. It’s a win-win.

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