Cowboys Prove Skip Bayless Predictions With New Derrick Henry Report

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The big game of musical chairs in football has slowed down. Now, some of the best players are sharing stories about how they picked their new teams.

“The Cowboys never called at all.”

Derrick Henry, a really good runner with the ball, just joined the Baltimore Ravens. He’s getting $16 million to play for two years. He chatted with Adam Schein on Mad Dog Sports Radio about the whole thing. Henry, also known as King Henry, could’ve played for the Dallas Cowboys. He even lives in Dallas when it’s not football season. He thought it would’ve been cool to play for the Cowboys later in his career.

But, guess what? The Cowboys didn’t even ring him up. Not a peep. Henry’s a bit baffled by it all. He’s been super good at running with the ball, especially when he pushes defenders away with his arm. He’s been doing this for years and has some pretty impressive numbers to show for it. He’s run for lots of yards and scored many touchdowns.

“No,” Henry said. “Not at all. I don’t really know what’s going on over there.”

The Cowboys, on the other hand, just lost another runner, Tony Pollard. And they don’t seem to have a plan for who’ll run with the ball next. Henry’s been amazing at this, but the Cowboys? They’re just sitting there. Jerry Jones, who owns the team, said they’d really try hard this year. But as other teams grabbed good players, the Cowboys just watched.

Skip Bayless, who’s on TV and loves the Cowboys, was really mad online about the team not doing much. He didn’t believe they were trying at all. The Cowboys don’t usually spend a lot in this part of the year. Plus, Henry’s 30 now, which is when runners with the ball often start to slow down. But some runners still do great even after they turn 30.

Dallas also has to think about paying a lot of money to keep their best catcher, CeeDee Lamb, and a really good defender, Micah Parsons. And their quarterback, Dak Prescott, is going to cost a lot next year.

In Baltimore, Henry’s joining a team that’s really good at running. Last year, their quarterback, Lamar Jackson, was the best player in the league. He’s great at throwing and running. Together, they could be an even better running team. Jackson could tire out the other team, and then Henry could power through them.

The Ravens like to play a certain way because of Jackson’s skills. Henry does better when the quarterback starts the play right behind the center, which lets him run faster at the start. The Ravens didn’t play like that as much last year. Will they change for Henry? How will this affect Jackson’s throwing?

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