CJ Gardner-Johnson Apologizes for Twitter Rants Aimed at Eagles Fans

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C.J. Gardner-Johnson is back with the Philadelphia Eagles. He used to play for them, then he left, but now he’s returned.

He’s inked a deal worth $33 million over three years!

Last year, things got a bit rocky between Gardner-Johnson and the Eagles. He thought he was worth more than he was, and the Eagles thought they could do just fine without him. Oops, both were wrong. Gardner-Johnson tried his luck with the Detroit Lions but got hurt, and the Eagles really missed him on the field. They weren’t the same without his knack for making big plays and keeping the team in line. Philly’s defense was almost the worst in the league at stopping passing plays.

Then, there was that time Gardner-Johnson threw shade at Philly fans on a live stream. Asked about his least favorite thing in Philadelphia, he didn’t hold back. “The people,” he said, calling them “obnoxious” and saying he “couldn’t stand” them. Yikes.

After patching things up with the Eagles, Gardner-Johnson is also trying to make amends with the fans. “I do owe the fans of Philly an apology, regardless this is an amazing place and we had some memories together! Let’s go get us one,” he posted on social media. He’s looking forward to creating new memories and, who knows, maybe even winning big.

Before all this drama, Gardner-Johnson was making waves as a nickel cornerback for the New Orleans Saints. The Saints picked him in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL Draft. When he joined the Eagles in 2022, they switched him to safety, and boy did he shine. That year, he not only tackled like a boss but also snagged six interceptions, tying for the most in the league.

Gardner-Johnson is known for getting under his opponents’ skin, both on and off the field. He’s got a talent for riling up receivers, sometimes pushing them to the point of penalties or even getting them kicked out of the game.

It’s not the first time Gardner-Johnson has been outspoken about his teams. When he first came to the Eagles, he compared his new team to his old one. He said he was treated better and played better because he was surrounded by better players. “You play better ball when you’re around better guys, around better athletes,” he explained back in 2023.

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