4 Vikings Players Likely to Join Kirk Cousins on the Atlanta Falcons

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The Atlanta Falcons really wanted a new quarterback. They chose Kirk Cousins to help them win more games. He’s going to play for them for four years and will get a lot of money, $180 million!

It’s official.

The Falcons’ boss, Terry Fontenot, and their new coach, Raheem Morris, knew they needed a good quarterback to have a chance at the playoffs. They’ve got a strong team, but they haven’t been doing too well for the last three years. Kirk Cousins could be the missing piece they’ve been looking for.

Sometimes, when a player moves to a new team, they bring along some old friends from their previous team. The Falcons might see a few more players from the Vikings join them because of Cousins.

But wait, there’s a problem the Falcons need to fix. They need someone who can rush the edge, which means they need a player who can get past the big guys and tackle the quarterback.

Last season, the Falcons had three main guys doing this: Bud Dupree, Arnold Ebiketie, and Lorenzo Carter. But now, Dupree might leave, and the other two need help. If the Falcons want to be the best in their area, they need to find one or two more players who can rush the edge. They’re thinking about D.J. Wonnum, who used to play for the Vikings.

Wonnum’s got skills. He was picked in the fourth round of the draft in 2020 and played college football at South Carolina. He’s been in and out of the starting lineup with the Vikings. Last season, he played a lot and did some impressive things like tackling the quarterback nine times!

But the Falcons have to move fast. Wonnum’s got meetings lined up with teams from Carolina, New Orleans, Tennessee, and Chicago. They can’t just sit around; they need to get him before someone else does.

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