Bengals Trade Joe Mixon To AFC Contender In Unexpected Turn

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The Cincinnati Bengals did something pretty big in football. They signed a player named Zack Moss and decided to let another player, Joe Mixon, join a different team. It’s like when you trade your old toys with a friend for something new.

Plot twist: The Bengals are now trading Joe Mixon to the Texans, rather than releasing him, sources say.

After thinking they would let Mixon go, the Bengals changed their minds. They traded him to another team that wants to win a lot, just like them. The Houston Texans were looking at two other players, Saquon Barkley and Derrick Henry, but things changed. Barkley went to play in Philadelphia, and Henry was talking to the Baltimore Ravens. So, the Texans decided to do something on their own.

They got Joe Mixon, who’s even better than a player they had before named Devin Singletary. Singletary went to the New York Giants to take Barkley’s place. Mixon did really well last year, running with the ball for over 1,000 yards, and he scored nine times!

Mixon is going to help the Texans a lot. He’s not just good at running with the ball; he can block and catch passes too. Last year, he caught 52 of them!

In 2021, Mixon had an amazing year. He ran with the ball a lot and scored 13 times, helping the Bengals try to win the biggest game of the year. He’s set to earn about $5.75 million this year, which includes a big bonus he gets just for being on the team. By trading him, the Bengals make the Texans pay that money, and they get something good in return.

The Texans were a surprise last year because they did better than people thought they would. They had a new quarterback, CJ Stroud, and some really good players who catch the ball, like Nico Collins and Tank Dell. Their running game wasn’t great, but with Mixon coming, it should get a lot better. Mixon is 27 years old, which means he’s still got some good years left to play, even though running backs usually don’t play as well when they get older.

This trade could be a big win for both teams. Houston gets a strong player in Mixon, and the Bengals get to save some money and get something valuable back. It’s like a chess move in football, where each team tries to outsmart the other.

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