Reggie Bush Heisman Debate Ignites After Caleb Williams Photo Goes Viral


It’s good to be a former Heisman Trophy winner. Just ask former USC quarterback Caleb Williams, who was seen living a dream life from a penthouse with the gorgeous Los Angeles skies on full display in the background.

Players finally getting paid for our entertainment is a victory for every college athlete that has come before this generation. However, is it time to have a discussion about those said athletes?

Many took to social media last night to claim that this is just another example of why the NCAA should give Reggie Bush his Heisman back.

Williams is destined to be a Top 10 pick in this year’s NFL Draft. However, no athlete has electrified college football as Bush did in his Trojans era. Bush, the winner of the 2005 Heisman, has college highlights that one could argue would rival the greatest of all time, Barry Sanders.

Every program in the early 2000s feared the Trojans. From 2003-05, the Trojans went 37-2. The program was destined to be the mecca of college football for the next decade.

That was until accusations of cheating, and Pete Carroll jetting to Seattle changed the trajectory of the program forever.

Bush’s NFL career, unfortunately, did not rival the years he had in college. The star running back was drafted by the New Orleans Saints second overall in the 2006 NFL Draft. But injuries would play a critical factor in Bush’s professional career.

But, the story of college football can not be told without there being a chapter based on Bush and his accomplishments. The fact that he doesn’t have his Heisman Trophy is just another example of how out of touch the NCAA is when it comes to wanting to entertain its fanbase.

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