The NFL MVP Debate Has An Easy Solution: Run CMC


The 2023 NFL MVP debate has never been hotter than the discussions taking place this week. Many believed that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy was the leading candidate. That was until Monday night when the Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson took the Niners to the woodshed in a 33-19 victory.

Jackson’s performance on Monday shifted the MVP conversation to the 2019 winner of the award.

However, if you’re standing on either side of the fence for one of these quarterbacks to win the award, you would be wrong.

This award belongs to Christian McCaffrey.

The Year Of McCaffrey

The league’s MVP award has more often than not been given to the best quarterback of the year, season after season. However, 2023 hasn’t been the year of the quarterback but rather the year of the skill player. That is why 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey should be the winner of the MVP award.

According to ‘NFL on CBS’ McCaffrey is leading nearly every statistical category for running backs in the league.

McCaffrey has only been shut out of the endzone in just two games this season. The former Stanford Cardinal has found the endzone for 14 rushing touchdowns and seven touchdowns through the air.

Finding Respect As A Non-Quarterback Candidate 

Even the greatest running back of all time, Barry Sanders, realizes how difficult of a mountain McCaffrey will have to climb to earn the MVP honors. Sanders jumped in on the MVP discussions on Twitter/X and broke down who he sees the award going to. Sanders believes that McCaffrey will share the award with a quarterback just like the Lions great did with Brett Favre in 1997.

There’s no denying that the quarterback position is the most vital position in the sport. However, no quarterback has played up to the standards that define an MVP winner.

Yes, Jackson and Purdy have been good, but not great. This entire conversation will more than likely fall on deaf ears, but Christian McCaffrey has been the best player in the league this season.

But will he actually get awarded for it? It’s time to put respect on other positions that deserve the spotlight.

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