Ranking Santa’s Reindeer From Worst To First

Santa Claus get a move to ride on their reindeer. Magic Santa's sleigh flying over Christmas fairy forest on the background of huge moon.


Without his reindeer, the man with the big belly and red suit wouldn’t be able to deliver all the presents to all the future TikTok stars around the world. Yes, Santa Claus is gearing up for his biggest work day of the year by eating cookies and sipping down milk cocktails. But in between his diabetic diet, the bearded magician is prepping his favorite reindeer for the grandest adventure of their year. However, does Kris Kringle have a favorite among his crew? Lucky for you, we have that information right here. Check out the list of Santa’s favorite reindeer ranked from worst to first.

9. Donner

If you were to look up deadbeat dad in the dictionary, there would be two names associated with the term. One is Will’s dad from ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,’ and the other would be that low-life scum Donner, the father of Rudolph. Donner was so disgusted by his son’s nose that lit up the sky that he tried his best to hide Rudy’s strongest asset. The reindeer father should go back into his cave and never come back out for almost ending the greatest reindeer career of all time before it ever even began.

8. Cupid


From the inside reports that I receive from the North Pole, nobody in Santa’s unit can handle Cupid. The hopeless romantic is always talking about having his heart broken, and the rest of the squad can’t handle it. Cupid is more worried about finding Valentine’s Day gifts than training for the big Christmas run. There is a lot of talk about 2023 being his final run with the team if he doesn’t change his pessimistic attitude.

7. Comet

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA/USA – DECEMBER 29 2017: Head Coach Jimbo Fisher of Texas A&M at The 2017 NCAA College Football 'Belk Bowl' Texas A&M University vs Wake Forest University


When discussing coaches that held back great talent, look no further than Comet. Just the sight of Rudolph looking different than the other reindeer and Coach Comet absolutely shook. Maybe it’s because Comet and Donner grew up in a different era, but the coach of the reindeer games couldn’t see the greatness behind the shiny red nose.

6. Vixen

No reindeer has a wilder life than Vixen. The charismatic reindeer brought nightlife to the North Pole when he opened the adult nightclub ‘Stocking Stuffers,’ which has been the focal point of many dark moments in the history of the area. However, Vixen has never cared about the reputation he has created for himself. He clocks in and does the job asked of him. But when it’s time to clock out, Vixen is a whole other reindeer.

5. Prancer

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At one time, everyone up North thought Prancer was going to be the one to lead Santa’s sleigh for years to come. However, Prancer also felt the same way, leading him to become arrogant and smug among the other reindeer. A few years ago, Prancer lost the locker room and then lost the trust of Santa himself. The former leader of the unit now talks about his greatest years like they never ended. But sadly, they are long gone.

4. Dancer

Dancer has always dreamed of a life outside of being in Santa’s pack. Although he has always been a trusting member of the Christmas squad, Dancer has always yearned for a different life. The theatrical stage has always called to him, but finding a way to the bright lights of the Big Apple has always proven difficult for him. However, he always looks forward to when the team visits the city that never sleeps.

3. Blitzen

No one has garnered more respect and more support on the reindeer gang than Blitzen. His veteran leadership was instrumental in the training of a few elite members of the team. However, the hard-nosed veteran became addicted to the drink a few years back and cost the team their innocent image for quite some time. Many believe Blitzen to be the culprit behind grandma being ran over by that reindeer. However, the true story of that evening has never been released. Word is Blitzen has been clean for almost 100 years now. One of the greatest comebacks of all time.

2. Dasher


Before that other guy took over, Dasher was the one Santa chose to lead his sleigh. Dasher was the it boy for decades. Owning every great attribute you would expect from a leader. Dasher was truly crushed when he couldn’t lead the team during what is known as the worst snowstorm the team has ever seen. The kid had all the talent, but just like Drew Bledsoe, Dasher watched a younger, more talented star take the job he thought would always belong to him.

1. Rudolph

As if anyone else could be the greatest reindeer of them all. I mean, the kid went down in history when Santa called his name for the biggest challenge of his life. Rudolph defied all the odds and became the most famous reindeer of them all. However, Rudy has never let the fame take over his life. The red-nosed leader has always allowed the rest of the team to take part in his fame. Which is why the boss man continues to let him guide the sleigh. Rudy is him, and shows no signs of ever slowing down.

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