Vegas Brothel Offers ‘Complimentary Coitus’ To F1 Drivers Ahead Of Grand Prix

Formula One is in the Sin City this week for the first-ever Las Vegas Grand Prix. And ahead of the highly-anticipated event, F1 drivers are receiving a warm Vegas welcome.

The renowned Chicken Ranch brothel which sits about 60 miles west of Vegas, is offering up its services and promising “complimentary coitus” to any driver who wants to make the most of their trip.

That’s right. According to TMZ Sports, licensed sex workers Addison Gray and Alice Little will provide the F1 stars with whatever their hearts desire.

“It’s Formula 1 fever in Las Vegas this month and we’re all psyched up for the big event,” Little said. “Any driver that wants to get their hearts racing and celebrate the F1 with me and Addison will be treated to 100 percent complimentary coitus.”

But if you’re a mere spectator, you aren’t being left out of the fun.

Anyone who is making the trip to the Las Vegas Grand Prix can get 50 percent off of their services.

“Our discount will help Vegas visitors and residents blow off some steam with a couple of generous ladies so that they can chill out during race week,” Little said. “Everyone who made F1 in Vegas possible deserves a break, and we’re here to provide some well-oiled appreciation.”

It’s nice to see that the ladies didn’t shy away from any race-related puns.

As for the actual race, it is set to take place on Sunday, November 19, beginning at 1:00 a.m. ET.

The Las Vegas Street Circuit will begin at the newly constructed grandstand and pit facility, before making its way past The Sphere and hitting a straightaway down the Strip at speeds of around 200 mph.

If there’s one thing Vegas knows how to do, it is put on a show.

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