From NFL to NBA: Exploring the Most Famous Gambling Athletes 

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Photo by Francesco Ungaro

Gambling and sports often intersect in more ways than one might think. While many athletes have rigorous training and competition schedules, they find ways to unwind. For some, this means spending time at the best online slot sites or perhaps taking part in high-stakes poker games. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most well-known gamblers in the sports world, particularly among NFL and NBA players.

Michael Jordan: From Dunking to Betting

Michael Jordan is a household name, not only for his impressive basketball career but also for his love of casino games. He’s been candid about his penchant for high-stakes poker games and casino vacations around a roulette wheel. However, his gambling activities have had their share of controversy. In 1992, Jordan was suspended briefly from the NBA due to betting on golf games. Moreover, he faced a hefty loss of $1.25 million at a casino in 1993. Now a successful businessman, it’s unclear whether Jordan’s enthusiasm for casino games has dimmed.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather: High Roller in the Ring and the Casino

Another athlete synonymous with both sports and gambling is Floyd Mayweather Jr. This legendary boxer, often going by the nickname “Money,” has a noted love for gambling. Mayweather is a high roller who likes to bet on sports such as basketball and football. Besides sports betting, he’s also fond of slot machines and other casino games. It appears that his gambling ways have paid off at times, most notably with a $5.9 million slot machine jackpot in 2013.

Charles Barkley: Never a Hush about the Bet

Charles Barkley, another NBA veteran, has always been transparent about his gambling habits. His love for casino vacations and high-stakes poker games has been well-documented. Barkley even penned a book focusing on his gambling addiction and has been vocal about it in interviews. However, like many gamblers, he has seen significant setbacks, including a loss of an estimated $400,000 at a casino in 2006.

Shaquille O’Neal: More Than Just Hoops

Shaquille O’Neal, another basketball legend, has been observed at various casinos and even competing in celebrity poker tournaments. O’Neal’s affinity for sports betting and casino gaming has led him to some considerable losses, such as a reported $400,000 at a casino in 2003. Despite these losses, O’Neal continues to engage in gambling activities as a form of leisure.

Tom Brady: The Quarterback with a Knack for Bets

Tom Brady, the retired quarterback, has been seen in casinos and has participated in celebrity poker tournaments as well. Brady enjoys not just sports betting but also finds pleasure in other forms of casino gaming. Despite his busy career, he views gambling as a way to relax and unwind.

Antoine Walker: Betting Beyond the Court

Last but not least is Antoine Walker, another NBA player who’s been open about his gambling activities. These have included high-stakes card games and various casino trips. His love for gambling was so overpowering that it led to financial difficulties after his retirement from professional basketball. However, Walker has not let these setbacks deter him and has continued to partake in celebrity poker tournaments.

Cards on the Table

Gambling is a hobby that offers both highs and lows, much like the world of professional sports. However, it remains a favored pastime for many athletes, offering them a break from the rigors of competition. As we’ve seen, even those at the pinnacle of their respective sports find gambling to be a compelling and sometimes rewarding activity. Whether it’s the thrill of the bet or the joy of winning, these athletes show that gambling can indeed be a part of a well-rounded life.

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