First Take Crew Ruthlessly Roasts Stephen A Smith’s WNBA Finals Outfit (VIDEO)

The ESPN First Take crew came for Stephen A. Smith’s neck on Thursday morning.

During a hilarious moment on Thursday’s episode, Molly Qerim, Kimberley Martin, and Dan Orlovsky ruthlessly roasted Stephen A. for the outfit he wore to Game 4 of the WNBA Finals between the Las Vegas Aces and New York Liberty at the Barclays Center.

“Lookin’ like an extra from 21 Jump Street,” Martin joked. “We saw that fit. Undercover.”

Smith explained that it was his HBCU jacket and then explained how he took his daughter to her first basketball game.

That opened the door for Qerim to take a shot at Stephen A., saying, “That look doesn’t make me think daddy-daughter.” Martin joked again that Stephen A. looked like an “undercover cop.”

Orlovsky, meanwhile, delivered a tongue-in-cheek compliment saying that the outfit made Stephen A. look “15 years younger.” Orlovsky said, “You look like you’re 40 years old.”

Smith took everything in stride and laughed along with the jokes, adding, “A lot of people are telling me I look younger these days, and I mean I do. What can I say?”

It’s always fun when the co-hosts let down their guard and crack jokes at each other’s expense. A lot of times the morning debate shows are senseless shouting matches with outlandish claims, but when it’s just friends giving a good old-fashioned roasting, it’s as relatable as it gets.

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