Newsmax Host Blames Aaron Rodgers Injury On Ayahuasca; Lack Of Church

New York Jets QB Aaron Rodgers - Ayuhuasca


Aaron Rodgers suffered a season-ending Achilles injury in the New York Jets‘ Week 1 win over the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football.

Since his injury, there have been plenty of questions about what’s next for Rodgers in his career and what the Jets’ season will look like with Zach Wilson leading the offense, which has led to some questionable takes on social media and television programming.

But one man took things to the next level.

Rather than focusing on things that can be changed for the Jets moving forward and Rodgers’ recovery, conservative news host Greg Kelly of Newsmax decided to go on a rant blaming Rodgers’ injury on his use of ayahuasca and a lack of church.

Mr. Kelly even claims that he “saw this coming” since Rodgers chose drugs over God.


“Something happened to this guy and I think I know what it was,” Kelly said, as transcribed by “Um, drugs. Yeah! He got involved in psychedelics. This ayahuasca tea, something like that? That gives you this, ‘Ooh, I love you, bro,’ kind of mentality. It’s not good. He took it and he encouraged others to do the same. And I think it’s a very harmful message.

“How about going to church? Ayahuasca tea is a crummy substitute for God.”

What in the actual hell, my guy?

Maybe Skip Bayless doesn’t have the worst takes on TV after all.

The New York Jets return to action on Sunday, September 17 against the Dallas Cowboys at AT&T Stadium in Arlington. Let’s hope they pray extra hard before taking the field.

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