NFL Sunday Ticket Has More Subscribers On YouTube Than DirecTV Did Last Year

London, United Kingdom - October 01, 2018: Screenshot of DIRECTV, Inc.'s mobile app NFL Sunday Ticket.


The NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube has been a resounding success only one week into the 2023-24 regular season.

According to NBC Sports, the NFL Sunday Ticket package on YouTube has more subscribers in its inaugural year on the streaming platform than it did on DirecTV last year.

Along with the number of subscribers, Sunday Ticket subscribers also seemed pleased with the lack of technical difficulties with their streams throughout the first full Sunday of the season.

Front Office Sports added:

Opening week enjoyed other successes. NFL Sunday Ticket performed well in its first game with new operator YouTube, and the league said Tuesday that YouTube has already signed up more residential subscribers than DirecTV last year.

The league also fueled the best-ever day for the ESPN Fantasy mobile app, which garnered 10 million U.S. visitors on Sept. 10.

The NFL signed a 7-year, $14 billion deal in December 2022 to make YouTube TV the exclusive provider of Sunday Ticket. The deal will expire after the 2029-30 NFL season.

You can get NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube TV for $399 until September 19. After the promotion, the price will jump to $449. If you are a YouTube TV subscriber, you can get the service for only $299.

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