Savannah Bananas Player Makes Ridiculous Backflip Catch (VIDEO)

Banana Cartoon mascot or character holding a baseball bat, mascot of the baseball team


The Savannah Bananas are the most exciting team in baseball. It’s an indisputable fact. And now, we have further evidence that the Bananas are the greatest show on the diamond.

On Monday night, the Bananas were in Hartford, Connecticut on their world tour taking on the Party Animals.

In the second inning, a Party Animals player hit a pop-up to center field that should have been a routine catch. But not at a Bananas game, because centerfielder DR Meadows had other plans.

After sizing up the ball, Meadows set his feet and sprung into a backflip while hauling in the catch. The added flare had the crowd on its feet.

How can you not love this team?

They play by their own rules, are always producing highlights, and have really brought the fun back to baseball. If there’s one way to get young kids into the game, it’s by watching the Bananas in action.

What stunt will they pull off next? Only time will tell, but we will be watching.

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