Where Will Shohei Ohtani Play Next If He Is Traded Before Deadline? Odds & Predictions

Oakland, California - August 10, 2022: Los Angeles Angels DH Shohei Ohtani in the dugout before a game against the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum.


Shohei Ohtani has been a hot topic leading up to the MLB Trade Deadline, and recent reports indicate the Los Angeles Angels are finally listening to trade offers. The Angels reportedly want “multiple” top 100 prospects in return for the Japanese superstar.

It seems likely that Ohtani will leave in the offseason, so the Angels are attempting to get something in return before he walks.

And according to the oddsmakers, there is a 75 percent chance Ohtani is moved before the August 1 deadline.

But where will he play?

According to the odds, the New York Yankees are favored to land the two-way player at 3-to-1 odds. Following close behind is the Los Angeles Dodgers at 4-to-1, and the New York Mets at 6-to-1. So as it stands, we could see Ohtani remaining in the City of Angels or moving to the Big Apple next month.

Do the oddsmakers think your favorite team could be in the mix?

A look at the odds for Shoehei Ohtani’s next team can be seen below, via SportsBetting.ag.

Shohei Ohtani Next Team Odds

Will Shohei Ohtani be traded before the 2023 deadline?

  • Yes -300
  • No +200

(Note: Odds imply a 75% probability Ohtani will be traded)

Shohei Ohtani Next Contract Amount

  • Over/Under 549.5M

Shohei Ohtani Next Team 

  • New York Yankees                     3-1
  • Los Angeles Dodgers                 4-1
  • New York Mets                         6-1
  • San Francisco Giants                 7-1
  • Seattle Mariners                       7-1
  • Atlanta Braves                          9-1
  • San Diego Padres                      9-1
  • Cincinnati Reds                         14-1
  • St. Louis Cardinals                     14-1
  • Toronto Blue Jays                      14-1
  • Texas Rangers                           16-1
  • Chicago Cubs                            18-1
  • Philadelphia Phillies                  20-1
  • Boston Red Sox                         25-1
  • Colorado Rockies                      25-1
  • Detroit Tigers                            25-1
  • Miami Marlins                          25-1
  • Arizona Diamondbacks              28-1
  • Cleveland Guardians                 33-1
  • Houston Astros                         33-1
  • Minnesota Twins                       40-1
  • Milwaukee Brewers                  45-1
  • Chicago White Sox                    50-1
  • Tampa Bay Rays                        55-1
  • Washington Nationals               66-1
  • Baltimore Orioles                      80-1
  • Kansas City Royals                     80-1
  • Pittsburgh Pirates                     80-1
  • Oakland Athletics                      100-1
MLB TV Schedule: Games On Today – Monday, July 17, 2023
MLB TV Schedule: Games On Today – Monday, July 17, 2023