Skip Bayless Begs ‘Dream Debate Partner’ Charles Barkley To Join Undisputed

charles barkley


Skip Bayless has identified his “dream debate partner” to replace Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed.

During the latest episode of his podcast, The Skip Bayless Show, the FOX Sports 1 host begged Basketball Hall of Famer and NBA on TNT staple Charles Barkley to join the show.

“Charles Barkley would be my dream debate partner on ‘Undisputed,’” Bayless said.

“I would dive out of bed every morning out here in Los Angeles at two o’clock in the morning to get to work with Charles.”

Bayless then made a reference to Barkley calling him an “idiot” during TNT’s coverage of The Match.

“Please, Charles, please come and please work with me, this ‘damn idiot.’ What a joy it would be to do battle every day with Charles Barkley live on television,” Bayless said.

“I could semi-retire. I could mail it in. I could, dare I say, actually have a life and forget about prepping so furiously hard night after night after night for every day’s Undisputed. All I’d have to do is let Charles go first and listen to him make a fool out of himself. I’d get to sit back and watch him walk himself right into an indefensible trap. I wouldn’t even have to try.”

Of course, recently signed a 10-year deal with TNT to continue serving as an Inside the NBA co-host, so buying out Barkley would come at a steep price. And Barkley genuinely loves spending his nights along with Shaquille O’Neal, Ernie Johnson, and Kenny Smith, so it’s unlikely he would accept the offer.

Why would you give up such a good gig to debate Skip Bayless?

While searching for a new co-host, Bayless is taking a brief hiatus from Undisputed. The show will return on August 28.

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