Video Shows Shawn Kemp Firing Gun In Parking Lot Before Drive-By Arrest

Former NBA star Shawn Kemp was arrested for felony drive-by shooting on Wednesday in Tacoma, Washington. Now, we have video footage of the moments leading up to his arrest and booking at the Pierce County Jail.

TMZ Sports released a video that shows Kemp involved in a confrontation in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

During the incident, Kemp approaches another vehicle and points his firearm. The 53-year-old then fires the gun at least once before ditching his gun in a bush. Kemp eventually spoke to police after appearing to flag them down to go after the other vehicle involved. Police later located a handgun in the bush.

According to FOX 13, Kemp was acting in self-defense after being fired out first. Sources who are close to Kemp also claim the former Seattle Supersonics star was attempting to retrieve items that were allegedly stolen from him on Tuesday.

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