Tennis Star Nick Kyrgios Goes Into Full-Blown Conspiracy Theorist Mode (VIDEO)

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - JANUARY 25: Thanasi Kokkinakis and Nick Kyrgios play against Tim Puetz and Mark Venus on day 9 of the 2022 Australian Open at Melbourne Park on January 25, 2022


Tennis star Nick Kyrgios was in full-blown conspiracy theorist mode during a recent appearance on Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast.

During the interview, Paul and the Australian firebrand discussed a number of topics including the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury fight, facing Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon as a teenager, and Kyrgios’s recent run at Wimbledon in 2022. Then, things got a little weird and Conspiracy Nick came out to play.

Kyrgios first started by saying that he doesn’t think the Egyptian pyramids were manmade — a common conspiracy. But why does Kyrgios believe it was a foreign entity that build the pyramids? Well, it’s a very simple reason that, expectedly, has its flaws.

“I don’t think the pyramids are man-made. The doors are pretty big, and we as humans don’t need doors as big as those ones,” Kyrgios said. Ah yes, the giant doors.

Kyrgios went on to say that he is not sure whether the world is flat, and then suggested that the United States’ moon landing was faked. “Americans weren’t apparently even close to having anything successfully going up there,” the self-proclaimed “massive conspiracy guy” said.

Maybe Kyrgios was just trolling or maybe he actually does believe some of the conspiracy theories he was discussing. Regardless, Kyrgios is always going to speak his mind and do or say whatever he wants. And that’s part of what makes him such a popular figure.

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