Jake Paul Goes Scorched Earth On Tommy Fury Ahead Of Fight (VIDEO)

Dec. 18, 2021 - Tampa, FL, USA: International superstar Jake “The Problem Child” Paul will face former MMA world champion Tyron “The Chosen One” Woodley II in a rematch at Amalie Arena.


Jake Paul is doing everything he can to get inside Tommy Fury’s head ahead of their pay-per-view showdown this weekend in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. . The event will be co-promoted by Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions and Top Rank Boxing, and air live on ESPN+ pay-per-view.

Paul went scorched earth on Fury with a 90-second video on social media where he rips his opponent, his family, and even name-drops Fury’s newborn baby girl.

It may have gone a little too far, but that’s Jake Paul’s style.

“Tommy, I hope you’ve enjoyed these last few moments of your career,” Paul said. “This is it, you’re going to be retired from boxing after this. You’re going to be disowned by your family. You’re going to go back to your mother’s maiden name. There’s nothing else that can save you. It’s just me and you — mano a mano.”

After name-dropping Fury’s newborn, Bambi, Paul continued, “So, all that cute little motivation about having a child and fighting for her, all that sh*t goes out the window when I’m coming to take your f*cking head off, decapitate you. I’m a mean, angry person deep down and I’m gonna take out all of it on your f*cking face, and there’s nothing you can do to f*cking beat me.”

Tell us how you really feel, Jake.

The 23-year-old Fury is 8-0 in his professional boxing career with four knockouts. Like Paul, Fury brings some crossover appeal after starring on the hit UK reality series Love Island where he finished as the season’s runner-up.

The 26-year-old Paul, meanwhile, is 6-0 with four wins by knockout. In his last bout, Paul scored a unanimous decision victory over mixed martial arts legend Anderson Silva.

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Full Fight Card & Lineup Revealed For February 26
Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Full Fight Card & Lineup Revealed For February 26