Bills’ Josh Allen Rips ‘Stupid’ Damar Hamlin Conspiracy Theorists

Dec 12, 2021; Tampa, FL USA; Josh Allen during an NFL game at Raymond James Stadium. (Steve JacobsonIts Sports Magazine)


Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen is speaking out against the “stupid” Damar Hamlin conspiracy theories that have been running rampant on social media since his appearance at last weekend’s AFC Divisional Round showdown between the Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Hamlin showed up to support his teammates and was seen entering the stadium and later in a suite looking down over the field.

To most people, it was great to see Hamlin back on his feet after suffering cardiac arrest on the field just a few weeks ago, but for others, it was an opportunity to put on their tinfoil hats.

Some people decided it wasn’t actually Hamlin and that the team and NFL were using a body double. More ridiculous conspiracy theorists claimed Hamlin actually died on the field and it was a clone in his place to hide the severity of what happened. Both theories are outrageous, and Allen is urging people to “stop that sh*t.”

“Yeah, that’s stupid,” Allen said, “There’s absolutely zero chance. That’s the Damar Hamlin. That’s our guy. That’s our brother.”

Hamlin was covered in a mask, hoodie, and sunglasses which led people to believe he was trying to “hide something.” In reality, it was freezing cold in Buffalo and Allen simply said “that’s Damar’s swag.”

“One, that’s Damar’s swag — he likes wearing that,” Allen said. “Two, he was in the locker room with us pregame. So, yes. That was Damar.”

Let’s hope that this will put the nonsense to rest, but knowing the conspiracy theorists, it will only fuel them even more.

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