San Jose Sharks Assistant Coach Takes Puck To The Dome (VIDEO)

San Jose Sharks assistant coach Ryan Warsofsky proved to be the ultimate hockey guy after taking a puck to the head on Wednesday night. The freak accident didn’t keep coach Warsofsky from returning to the Sharks’ sideline, proving that hockey guys are a rare breed.

He ultimately returned to the bench.

Sharks head coach had this to say on the incident:

“Well, quickly, I was worried. At the end of the period, we were able to get him in (the locker room) right away, & he was OK. I actually think he put his head in the way because it was TNT and he wanted some extra airtime. Good move by him.”

San Jose gave Warsofsky a reason to smile after they brought home a 5-3 dub over the Dallas Stars. The Sharks aren’t having the best season, as they sit 7th in the Pacific Division. Which for those of you who may not be aware of the NHL standings, 7th is next to last.

It may not be a memorable season for the Sharks, but Warsofsky now has a story for the rest of his days. The night he took a puck to the dome and still came back to help coach his squad. Somebody get Chris Long on the line and see if this makes his hockey tough guy list.

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