Topless Soccer Fans Avoid Arrest In Qatar After World Cup Celebration

KRASNODAR, RUSSIA - November 14, 2017: Argentine girl with a flag supports the team during a friendly match between the national teams of Argentina and Nigeria, 2017, Russia


Two fans from Argentina got extremely excited after the country secured the 2022 World Cup over France. The moment was so big that the gals decided to make the moment even bigger, sharing with the world four reasons why Argentina may do celebrations better than any other country in the world.

However, showing off your fun bags is not the ideal move when you’re in a country that is more strict than the town from Footloose.

According to TMZ, the two luckily avoided jail time while giving us the Mona Lisa of sports photos.

According to the TMZ article:

“The two posted videos, revealing neither were arrested in Qatar … despite speculation that they could be thrown behind bars for revealing a whole lot of skin after Argentina beat France in the World Cup final on Sunday.”

I mean, take a gander at the photo above. One Argentinian was blessed to be at the right place and time but couldn’t contain his excitement. The only face a man makes when he sees mammary glands is the face captured in that photo. He was just a man, enjoying the sights and sounds of his team bringing home the cup when just a quick t glance to his right forever changed his World Cup experience.

Spoilers: if you thought these two were doing this for clout, you would be absolutely correct. You can find the two enthusiastic soccer fans on Instagram, @milubarbiie_, and @noe.dreams1.

Argentina World Cup Team Evacuated By Helicopter Due To Overcrowded Celebration
Argentina World Cup Team Evacuated By Helicopter Due To Overcrowded Celebration