5 Reasons To Watch Week 16 Thursday Night Football: Jags vs Jets



Week 16’s Thursday Night Football matchup will be between two AFC teams vying for a playoff berth. *checks notes* Yes, the Jacksonville Jaguars and New York Jets are playing meaningful football in late December. The Jets are coming off a crushing loss at home to the Lions, while the Jaguars are looking to build momentum after a thrilling OT victory over the Cowboys last Sunday. This matchup may not draw the most attention, but still, these are two football teams playing important football. Here are 5 reasons to tune into Thursday Night Football.

5. Trevor Lawerence

It’s crazy what a number one overall draft pick with unlimited potential can do when his head coach thinks with his brain instead of his; well, you get it. Doug Pederson has already seemed to right the ship in Jacksonville, putting Lawerence on the correct path. Lawerence ranks 9th in passing yards (3,520), tied for 6th in TDs (24), with only 7 INTs. Lawerence’s trajectory continues to climb, as the Jaguars are looking for their first playoff berth since 2017.

4. The Gambling Gods Speak, You Degenerates Listen

What else is a sports gambler going to do on a Thursday night? Even the strongest soldiers struggle to find the light in NFL Thursday nights; we must still strap on our helmets and do the work others leave behind. The Jets currently are -1.5 point favorites, with the over/under at 37.5. The Jets are 8-6 ATS this season, while the Jaguars overall record at 6-8, which just so happens to be their record against the spread. Bet as you will.

3. TNF Crew

Thursday Night Football has a rich history of being just absolute trash football. A short week for the participating teams and matchups could make some rethink their life choices. Be that as it may, Amazon busted open the books and has delivered when it comes to personalities telling us football stories. The list of names on the telecast is enough to tune in for at least a quarter. Maybe this week, we will finally get a drunk Al Michaels in the second half.

2. Something’s Gotta Give

Jacksonville’s offense comes into Thursday night ranked 6th overall, while the Jets defense sits third in overall play. Just like Andre The Giant and Hulk Hogan meeting at Wrestlemania 3, something has gotta give when these two finally clash. I wonder who is who in this situation. I’m going to go with Lawerence and the Jags portraying Andre, while the Jets and all the Jetsamaniacs will be running wild at MetLife. Something has to give, brother!

1. It’s Football Dorks

We can all talk the biggest mess of how Thursday Night Football doesn’t live up to the billing, but we all know we will be sitting in front of the TV tonight watching Jets and Jags. Football is football. What else will you talk about with Randy from accounting on Friday morning? You don’t want to talk to the guy anyway, and there’s no doubt he will bring up the unnecessary holiday talk while you’re fighting the accidental hangover that you told yourself wouldn’t be the case. Strap in, folks. There are not many Thursday nights left. (sad emoji)

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