NFL’s Monday Night Football Showdown In Mexico City Was Electric


Monday night football was brought to us from Mexico City, Mexico, last night, and there’s just one thing that needs to be said. We need more football from Mexico City.

The San Francisco 49ers dominated from beginning to end, taking home a 38-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals, but the game wasn’t nearly the best thing from the broadcast. It was the atmosphere inside the Estadio Azteca.

The game had all the feelings of a Super Bowl, and the crowd brought the energy all night, even if the product on the field wasn’t much fun to watch. The NFL has had two successful journeys to other countries this season, with the success of NFL Germany and NFL Mexico.

If there’s anything the league has learned from these events, it’s that the rest of the world is starting to get an appetite for American football.

The only way the night would have been better is if George Kittle would have donned the luchador mask given to him by Penta Zero Miedo. Nothing would have topped a Kittle TD while the 49ers tight end was wearing a luchador mask. The rain didn’t stop the fans from Mexico City from having the time of their lives.

American fans need to take notes. We are falling behind when it comes to the excitement for big events. More football in Mexico, please.

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