American Football Unique Features – Not-for-Everyone Smart Sport

American football is a chess game on a field. And, of course, not everyone likes its intricacy. So, you may stop on the soccer prediction to place successful bets or still try something more exotic. What is remarkable about American football?

There are 53 players in the application for the game because different squads take the field offensively and defensively. Three coaches train the team. One is a head coach, and two others focus on the attack and defense, respectively. Guinness World Records also rates American football as the most complicated game worldwide. For example, a full set of rules is placed on 600 pages. Moreover, you’ll barely translate many terms into your native language. Besides, each team has a unique playbook, meaning a set of detailed game plans and combinations. 

Specialization is crucial in American football because no one can be versatile and be good enough in the attack and defense. The last unicum finished his career in the 60s. So, any other game may seem primitive compared to American football.

American Football is a Tricky Game for Fans

American football is extremely dynamic and might be hard to watch. You cannot hang out for a minute because the math may go either way at any time. And 60 seconds is a long period for a good attacking team. Do you still think basketball features the longest last minute? Then, you are greatly mistaken.

No player can move the ball by throwing it to teammates in his half of the field. So instead, you attack or defend. In both cases, a player can score points or give them to his rival. Of course, technically, a rally lasts less than 10 seconds, but the pause might reach 40 seconds. This makes sense, as players need rest because they throw out all their energy in just a few seconds.

Besides, no one rests or stands still between the rallies, drinking water, weaving laces, or talking to others. On the contrary, the match’s every episode’s intensity rolls over. And not by chance, seven arbiters referee one game, and video reviews of matches are allowed to ensure fair decisions.

The Most Important Championship in American Football

The Super Bowl is the final match of the season of the National Football League, the American Football Championship. The two strongest teams determine the champion in one match. Within days of the Super Bowl, the English-language Internet is full of stories and memes about the match. Many American films and TV series have references to this event. The huge audience attracts advertisers and music artists. For example, a 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs $5.5 million. And world-class celebrities like Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, etc., perform during a break in the match

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