Vols Fans Tear Down Goalposts, March Through Town, & Toss Them In River

Tennessee Vols fans are living their best life after upsetting the Alabama Crimson Tide.

After a wild game on Saturday afternoon that was the highlight of the Week 7 college football schedule, the Vols faithful stormed the field and a celebration for the ages was own. It was an incredible atmosphere and nothing was going to stop the fans from doing anything they pleased.

That was bad news for the goalposts, which were ripped down and then carried out of the stadium.

Once the goalpost was outside, fans marched down the street with their souvenir with one specific goal in mind: get to the Tennessee River.

When the fans reached the river, the goalposts found a new home and were tossed into the water.

Mission Accomplished.

College football is the absolute best.

While the celebration may seem a little overboard for some, the celebration was well-deserved after 15 years of heartache and struggles for the Vols faithful when it came to facing the Crimson Tide. Now, they can put those demons behind them.

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Lee Corso Headgear Pick 2022 Week 7: Alabama vs Tennessee