Twitter Data Shows Which MLB Team America Is Rooting For In Postseason (PHOTO)

The MLB Postseason is in full swing, with the ALDS and NLDS already underway. As we inch closer to the World Series, rooting options are beginning to dwindle down. And as the field narrows, the remaining teams will see fans across the country jumping on their bandwagons.

Whether it is because they are a lovable underdog or facing rival teams of other fans, there is always a reason to root for one team or the other and now we know who a majority of the country is pulling for as the postseason rolls on.

The folks at analyzed geo-tagged keyword association Twitter data over the past week, tracking official fan hashtags for each team in every state.

For example, #ForTheLand (Guardians), #RepBX (Yankees), #SeaUsRise (Mariners), #LevelUp (Astros), #RingTheBell (Phillies), #Back2Battle (Braves), #CaptureTheMoment (Padres), #WinForVin (Dodgers).

When the data was compiled, it was the Seattle Mariners who received the most support from 15 states. The Houston Astros and San Diego Padres, meanwhile, were at the bottom with support from just two states apiece.

A full breakdown can be seen below.

2022 mlb playoff rooting interest logo

  • Mariners – 15 states
  • Guardians – 13
  • Braves – 7
  • Yankees – 5
  • Phillies – 3
  • Dodgers – 3
  • Padres – 2
  • Astros – 2

The 2022 World Series is set to begin on Friday, October 28, with Game 7 (if necessary) scheduled for Saturday, November 5.

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Braves vs Phillies Live Stream 2022: Watch NLDS Game 3 Online