Rams Fans Brutally KO’d By Cowboys Fans During Massive Brawl (VIDEO)

Video has surfaced of a massive brawl between Los Angeles Rams and Dallas Cowboys fans outside of SoFi Stadium on Sunday.

The video shows multiple scuffles breaking out throughout the parking lot, with at least two Rams fans getting brutally knocked out. One Rams fan was out cold when the video started, while another fan wearing a Cooper Kupp jersey gets pummeled by a Cowboys fan in a No. 88 jersey before going unconscious.

The dude in the Kupp jersey eventually woke up and tried to get back to his feet, but quickly tumbled back to the ground.

Check out the wild scene.


As for the hooligans who were throwing punches, there is no word on whether any arrests were made or how many people were injured.

And that wasn’t the only L for Rams fans.

Along with the parking lot KOs and losing to the Cowboys on the field, another fan in a Matthew Stafford jersey was knocked to the ground by a fan in an Ezekiel Elliott jersey in the concourse earlier in the night.

Talk about a rough night.

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