Woman Savagely Hacks Ex’s FIFA Account, Relegates Team To Lowest Division

Rome, Italy - October 01, 2021, detail of FIFA 22, a football video game developed by EA Sports for PlayStation 4, October 1, 2021.


Break-ups can be bad, and often times one of the scorn lovers is looking for revenge. For one woman, she decided to savagely ruin something her ex-boyfriend loved more than her: FIFA.

Francesca Parman, who is apparently a television personality from the show The Only Way Is Essex, recently took to TikTok to tell the tale of her ruthless act.

According to Parman, after her and her ex ended their relationship, she hacked into his FIFA account and relegated his team to the lowest division. She also wasted his FUT Coins — which are earned based on performance and used to improve your squad — on useless animations.

“So, during my whole relationship with my ex, he played FIFA. Wouldn’t take me out. FIFA. Was more obsessed with FIFA than me. He loved FIFA more than me. So I hacked his account,” she said, via the Mirror. “Yeah, I hacked him. And I relegated his team to the lowest division. It took me hours, but it was so worth it.


“And then, he he loads of millions of pounds, it’s not real money, but I used it all on terrible dance moves so like when they would score a goal, the old ‘whoop whoop Gangnam Style’ would come out.

“I’m very proud of it. Still proud of it now years on because I know it hurt his heart. You hurt my heart, I will hurt your heart twice as hard. Don’t f–k with me.”

That’s a dagger right to the heart.

I always knew that people could be petty, but this hits on a whole different level.

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