5 Myths Surrounding Autoflowering Seeds

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In the past, autoflowers usually gave less yield than photoperiods and were less potent, especially the ancestral Lowryder strain. But today, growers still doubt the yields of autoflowering cannabis. This could explain the rumors spread about this cannabis plant. Nowadays, the yields of autoflowering cannabis will leave you astonished, especially with the new breeds crossed with the likes of Sativa and Indica strains.

Yet, because of the previous knowledge of autoflower cannabis seeds, some growers, especially novices, doubt the quality of this cannabis plant due to malicious myths such as “autoflowers taste awful and are less potent”, etc. Therefore, many potential growers get discouraged by these rumors.

In this post, we will quash five myths and reasons you shouldn’t give the naysayer a chance to discourage you from having a bountiful harvest. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of the myths!

Top 5 Myths Surrounding Autoflower seeds 

Here are five myths circulating the world of cannabis: why you shouldn’t let them put you off!

Myth 1: All Autos Are Less Potent 

One of the most annoying myths circulating in the cannabis community is that autoflower cannabis seeds are less potent. The “less potent” claim is entirely false. Although, when Autos first hit the streets years back, this was true. But now, the autoflowers varieties have significant cannabinoid profiles rich in THC, CBD, and various compounds. As the new autoflower has a mix of Ruderalis, Indica, and Sativa genetics, most varieties of autoflowers have at least 27% THC, making its growth remarkable and harvest possible between 5 – 6 weeks. For instance, Gelato Autoflower has 26% THC, one spectacular autoflowering seed on the market.

Myth 2: Autoflower Buds Are Tasteless

Far from the truth! Another categorically incorrect myth is that autoflowering cannabis strains are tasteless. This will only mean that autoflowers lack terpene, which is not valid. Several groups of chemicals contribute to the flavor of the cultivar. One of them is terpenes. Among the terpenes found in cannabis in the highest concentrations are beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, limonene, and pinene. All these components produce a variety of tastes.

Like the light cycle situation, the flavor of an autoflowering cannabis strain largely depends on the individual strain and the breeder’s skill. Therefore, if a reputable breeder cultivates a decent autoflower, you can be sure it will have just as many aromas and flavors as regular cannabis. 

“My taste is simple: I am readily pleased with the finest,” Winston S. Churchill once said. If you’re just like Winston, then the trippy gorilla autoflowering seed at Herbiesheadshop, with its smooth and delicious taste, is a must-try.

Myth 3: You Can’t Clone Autoflowers

Sure, cloning autoflower is tricky but not impossible; many growers believe you can’t clone autoflower strains due to their traits. However, some growers disagree with the claim because many growers have harvested large yields from cloned autoflower. One of them is, cutting the autoflower from the lower part. Clones will grow into large plants before forcing them into flowering. Afterward, they should be kept under low-intensity light in moist conditions until they have rooted. This way, they will undergo a vegetative state until they reach approximately 80% of the mother plant size.

Whatever process you choose will determine the yield you will harvest. If you clone the traditional way, you might have to embrace your tiny buds wholeheartedly. But if you want large produce, the method mentioned above could help. Autoflowering marijuana seed strains enter the flowering phase based on age instead of external lighting, which is why you need an effective strategy.

Myth 4: You Need a 24-Hour Light Cycle

This myth isn’t entirely accurate and varies greatly depending on the seed you’re growing. Most strains grow better in darkness like the 16/8 cycle. Others prefer more lighting, so their survival is linked to the light of 24/0, and others develop better under 20/4. More light can increase yields, but not for every strain, so you’ll have to find out what works best.

Furthermore, the kind of light you choose depends on your goal and what your strain can absorb, so ensure you know the accurate cycle for your autoflowering cannabis seed strain. It sometimes takes trial and error to find the best fit. It is noteworthy that many growers cultivate their autos flower under a 24/0 regime, while others believe anything above 18/6 will kill the plant.

Myth 5: Autoflowers Can’t Be Transplanted

Well, partially true because if done wrongly, you’ll shock the plant, but it doesn’t mean autoflowers can’t be transplanted. You can disregard this myth, yet planting your seeds in a big pot is advisable, so you don’t have to transplant them.

Although you can transplant, it might affect the yields because autos take less time from seed to harvest. Shocking your plant might stunt its growth. Even a few days of recovery from the process can result in an underwhelming harvest, so adopt the best practices if you ever plan to transplant.

Here is what we recommend if you’ll be transplanting:

  • Transplant to the same medium pot
  • Always transplant your strains before their dark period and when their soil is dry
  • Don’t compact the soil too much, don’t squeeze the roots, and leave some room. You can prevent root issues and shocking them in this way.

Repotting autoflowering strains is a little more complicated than transplanting regular cannabis. Minimize the negative effect by avoiding anything that will stress the plant.


Although years ago, autoflowers weren’t so good when they first hit the market. But with the varieties of autos available, you’ll definitely find those with bountiful yields. If you’re not sure about the requirements of the seed you’re working with, you can always consult experts. Don’t let the myths deter you; anyone can grow cannabis. Producing your supply is incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling. Get some seeds here at Herbiesheadshop, and you can be sure to get the best cannabis strains. Everybody must begin somewhere!

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