2023 Number One Overall Recruit GG Jackson De-Commits From North Carolina

ncaa Basketball basket with all going through net


In a stunner to the college basketball world, the 2023 number one overall recruit GG Jackson has de-committed from North Carolina. Jackson made the announcement via his Twitter account on Thursday night and has many speculating where the top power forward will land.

A few members of the college basketball media spectrum are anticipating Jackson to take his talents to South Carolina. The move would turn the college basketball world on its head with a top player leaving a blue blood program for a program that isn’t necessarily known for a college basketball program.

While the move might not be a big surprise, considering the Gamecocks are located in Jackson’s hometown of Columbia. South Carolina gaining a commitment for the number one overall prospect would be a complete game changer for the program and breathe life into a team desperately searching for new life.

One can’t help but wonder if NIL is a big part of Jackson’s decision to play closer to home. If that happens to be the case, I think the argument that NIL would hurt the smaller programs can officially be thrown out the window. Jackson deserves to play wherever he chooses. I guess for guys like Jon Rothstein; there’s no sleeping ever again.

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