5 Sports Stories That Can Become The Next Hollywood Hit


With the recent success of HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise Of The Lakers Dynasty, fans of the genre have been craving the chance to see more content. With so many great sports stories to tell, here are 5 sports stories that could be the next Hollywood hit.

5. The Buffalo Bills Are 4x Losers

I want to start off by saying I love Bills Mafia. If any fanbases deserve a single shred of happiness, it is the Buffalo. Losing four straight Super Bowls is a perfect story to be the next television hit. A story following a team that showed humility and grace during a trying time for a franchise and a city. I’ll start the script now.

4. The Zuffa Led UFC

In 2001 the Fertitta brothers anointed Dana White the president of a little-known company known as the UFC. The trio would go on to create a fight league that would help MMA become the fastest-growing sport in recent memory. A closer look at how the UFC survived dark days and found a brighter future would be gold on the big or small screen.

3. Bill & Tom’s Excellent Adventures

The New England Patriots became a dynasty of which the likes we may never witness in our lifetimes ever again. The two biggest stars attached to that dynasty were Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. A story that would follow the dollar coaster relationship between the future Hall of Famers would no question be buzz-worthy entertainment.

2. The Steroid Era

I think we call can agree that the steroid era of the MLB gave us the most significant moments in the history of the sport. The steroid era gave fans bigger-than-life stars, and a peek at a league that hasn’t always been honest. Somebody needs to tell the story of two sides enjoying the fruits of juiced labor. Also, who doesn’t want to see Chris Pratt play Mark McGwire?

1. Shaq & Kobe

The most dominant duo to ever grace the hardwood, a Hollywood tale of Shaq and Kobe would be a ratings nuclear warhead for the company that inevitably tackles the story. From winning championships to becoming bitterly jealous of one another, this story has all the makings of becoming a small or big screen juggernaut.

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